Bliss! – A state of undisturbed ecstatic satisfied calm elevating you out of the ordinary way up
towards the sublime.

Were you to consult a dictionary it would describe bliss as “supreme happiness,
utter joy and contentment”.  Were you to visit Yoga Bliss (, you’d find
this feeling while roaming through multitudes of magnificent yoga goodies to be bought, used and
A dedicated resourceful, hardworking Ashtangi by core identification, Nicola Dix established Yoga
Bliss in 2005 as an opened, transparent friendly family run UK online business. They search all over the
world for marvelous beautiful new products to include in their large offer. The goal is not to be a
faceless transit point for this goodness but to provide an experience as well, an intimate warm
customer service, where you are a person first and a customer second. They are quite opened to new
ideas and new products, so anything you have in mind but can’t find, just drop them a line and they’ll
source it for you.
Echoing Looxa’s philosophy and a cause we so much hold as our own, they serve the global
community by products made for yogis by yogis, dedicated to supporting their fellow yogi
entrepreneurs as they go, as well as fair-trade working cooperatives from India and Brazil.
Meanwhile, this blissful influx of yoga products is also the background on which they are developing
their very own brand encapsulating the philosophy behind Yoga Bliss – Born Peaceful.
And as Nicola continues to walk her own personal yoga journey and grabbing all of the limbs
simultaneously to learn all she can, it is our great pleasure and joy to have the workbooks find their
new home at their pages of useful delicately curated items. Stay well and may (yoga) bliss find you
wherever you are!