Twenty years have passed since the UK born and bred Pamela
( ) stepped onto the path of wellbeing as a teacher and an
educator. Mrs Young justifies her surname through her practice, keeping her youthful curious
spark and brimming with relentless energy and passion for what she does.

Some just work in order to start living once they clock out, but Pamela’s path is that of
continuous discovery and growth. It is not a job but a calling. Her technical training was in
Hatha Yoga in Ashtanga Style but has more recently expanded into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,
studying under the wise eye of of John Scott, and a whole bounty of amazing masters – too
long to fit in our limited space here. Pamela also carries an Honours Degree in Philosophy
and has, in the past two decades of active service to her fellow man, acquired an array of
diplomas and certificates (we’ve counted 26!) while being a dedicated raw foodie with a
background in studying raw nutrition and 8 years of personal experience following her own
recipes, implementing fasting and detoxification techniques.

You’d think that all of this has taken up all of her time, but time is never a thing describing
lack of seconds in a day but priorities. So, as her priority is to pass on the knowledge, she
also mentors trainee fitness and yoga instructors as a LMUK TRIBE Coach. Of the mat the
movement never ceases for this JSY Senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher – be it swimming,
running or cycling. Why? We’ll you’re also dealing with an Iron(wo)man triathlete and a Level
2 Triathlon coach.

Where does she find the time? Beats us, but we’re glad she does and it is our privilege to
associate with such hardworking, smart, dedicated and kind people from the yoga community
and may we all be so blessed with our hard work rippling back into the world!

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