As you reflect now on the dark eras of human history you wonder how could have those monstrosities ever come to pass, how could have people let it get that far, why didn’t they challenge, stand up and unite to fight a wrong idea, perverted practice, injustice and horrid crimes? Most of people want to be led because it relieves them of personal responsibility for the actions and they don’t need to feel guilt or deal with the consequences of decisions. Law is supposed to be the neutral rule of conduct, the uniform regulatory practice of keeping a society ordered and functional, but has become a playground of a few where decisions are made in order to benefit the minority – leading to the consequent skewed allocation of resources, wealth and power, creating bubbles of influence through these parameters. Disobedience was never society‚Äôs problem, obedience was.

Representative governments were a good idea in the building of democratic systems just due to the sole fact that not everybody had a chance to have their voice heard, not all were literate or they lived too far away to ever come together and vote as a larger group on collective issues. But for most areas of the world this has changed and democracies have a chance to be active now. Passive democracy has shown to not be the best way time and time again, but is still not substituted by the ways more adapt to the new state of the world which now allows most individuals access to information, means of transport, infrastructure and the logistics to make decisions happen collectively. The friction of the old and known, the learnt behaviors of obedience – to your elders, community, state, church persist. Just because something is common does not make it right, just because you’ve been taught something does not make it a fact, just because inertia leads somewhere it does not make it the right path.

Obedience never gave birth to anything worthwhile, it is a quiet dying in the stillness, complacent circulatory laziness of pretending to be alive, fulfilling of an empty form with no substance. Points of view are not fixed and screwed into the concrete floor, steal bolts can be unscrewed so that you can be as well. For things to change the learnt behavior of giving away your personal responsibilities by exporting them to a pro forma symbol – which can then be complained about when things go wrong – needs to be abolished. You’d want your dog not to be completely obedient and to have some spirit left in it, so why not your fellow man or yourself?