… is the emptiness or meaning that all is of emptiness as described in the Heart Sutra. Through a different name, but a parallel philosophy, it deals in the East with the same thing which is in India called Prana – the life energy.

All is emptiness means all is one and the same, fullness is emptiness just as emptiness is fullness, there is nothing separating you and me, all of it unfolds within the same life energies which we’re all a part of, all is neutral and opened to interpretation. Kong says that the whole world revolves around conflict which then stops alignment with the emptiness. This urge to be in conflict stems from the childish games of ego, it is not natural to your state but is at the same time natural to being human before you learn to let go of it. This conflict is visible in all areas of life – always pushing to be better (than someone), smarter (than someone), win (over someone so that he/she loses), in demanding attention from your lover, kids, parents, in competing for trinkets, viewing business as a constant warzone, and not as a spontaneous flow of getting better at your service, not demand – service.

Once you see all of the places of conflict, much of which will not necessarily be consciously done with malice, you’ll be free to accept all, and when you accept things just as they are you’re free to become a part of them, merge with their energy and work together on a different level. You have no need to conquer, win, manipulate, dominate any more, you’ve lost the ego and the need to feel superior. This shift requires radical honesty towards yourself and others and honesty means being truly present in your decision, standing with 100% of your heart behind the words you say and actions that follow them. It means no judgement, no commanding, no holding grudges, no anger or entitlement.

Be humble, opened and honest – you will get a backlash from those still in conflict with the world, but it doesn’t matter, you’ll accept them in as well. You cannot ask your body to follow the mind and heart that are not focused and agreed on a goal. The body will rebel, suffering will ensue because you will let it and sickness of the body or mind will warn you of the still unresolved need to push back instead of lean into. There is a reason why the best martial artists pay the least attention to the body and allocate their time to philosophy and ethics. When all else is in place the body will follow by itself.