They say a pen is, in all its lasting influences, much sturdier and stronger than the sword. Knowledge always was and always will be the way to raise ourselves collectively into the light. Sometimes the planets align for beautiful things to bloom, and sometimes the pure effort, will power and good people trusting that a world and society can be better lead us one step closer to an utopist fantasy. This is what Planetopija does!

Planetopija ( is a marvelous holistic eco book store and publishing house in Croatia. This beautiful place proudly boasts the moto “a bookstore for the spirit, mind and body”. Once you walk through the door, you’ve just made the most important step towards a better, kinder and healthier you. Holding their own editions, as well as those by other publishers, they search far and wide to get the best literature, natural products and stock a whole rainbow of holistic and eco brands producing anything from yoga mats and candles to cold pressed natural oils. You might be searching for a bestseller from the Festival of world literature, a book on vegan receipts or religion and spirituality, intro into philosophy, books on healing, you may wish to attend lectures or promotions, grab a few eco-friendly products by local and global entrepreneurs…

Planetopija truly is the healthy heart of Looxa’s hometown – Zagreb, beating in unison with the rhythm of change and knowledge, catering all – from the first insecure novice steps into naturally improving life quality to standing as a go-to place of those well of on their personal wellbeing paths. So from antioxidants to zen… it’s all there, and smack in the middle under “L” you’ll find Looxa yoga workbooks. Grateful for this recognition within our own town, we’d like to pay the good forward, so if the path ever leads to the center of Zagreb, you know where to go!

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