Once you have a vision of where you want to go you need to know the monsters of your inner self that will try and sabotage it in order to make you stay the same, and it’s far more likely you’ll sabotage yourself than that anyone or anything else will..

C – Stands for CONFLICT. What are you fighting with constantly, what is causing the cognitive dissonance? Is it some outside circumstance that is working against you, is it a person you love but who is simultaneously dragging you down and resenting that you’re trying to change, is it some internal conflict such as “Yes I want more money but I’m not a materialist and who will I become if I get it?” What are you conflicted about? Cognitive dissonances are energy vampires if we’ve ever seen them and they’ll consume you. Self-diagnose the conflicts and deal with them. Make a plan of action to resolve or neutralize their effect.

R – stands for RESISTANCE. What are you resisting, consciously and subconsciously and why? Is it bringing up some old memory, trauma or insecurity? Is it causing fear or confusion or are just completely lost because you don’t know anything about it? All that we resist just becomes stronger each time it emerges. Find the friction and don’t let if flame up from the constant rubbing. If you’re resisting it means it’s hitting something important inside – good or bad, we don’t know. Find out why you’re doing this.

A – stands for ACOMPLISHMENT. Each time you start losing faith in the vision you laid out, when you just feel too tired or defeated by what the change demands of you remember the past accomplishments. You’re still here. Some of the things you had to go through up to now were so hard that they seemed impossible, you wanted to quit so badly. But you didn’t, and now this thing is an everyday part of life, not scary, not unimaginably dangerous, not demanding superhuman strength to stick to it… You can do this as well.

P- stands for PROCRASTINATION. Why are you wasting time?What are you avoiding by seeking nuggets of distractions all the time to pretend you’re doing something and alleviate the guilt of not looking where you know you should be looking. How much time are you wasting that could be invested in the dream? What are you wasting it on and how do you feel after you’ve wasted a few hours on trinkets vs investing it in learning and developing? How will you feel a year from now if you keep wasting time? How many hours will you have wasted by this time next year, and who could you become if you just stopped giving your focus away as if it were not the most precious thing you have?

Make a CRAP board. Pull the things that are holding you back from the shadows into the light. Don’t be willingly blind and wait to be stomped by the beasts in front of you. Once you know what the beast is you can start using it as leverage and motivation to push you forward. You might think that running towards something is the most important element, but it is equally as important to have something to run from, to understand the place you’re running away from and (your personal definition of) hell you don’t want for yourself and your life.. Make a CRAP board so you’re well trained to duck when it hits the fan, because it will.