A habit is something you’ve done so many times that the body already knows how to do it without involving the higher capacities of cognition. By the time you are 35, 95% of your behaviors will run on autopilot reaffirming the actions and scenarios from the past. This familiar past will become a very predictable future – giving some comfort in the absence of the unknown, but leaving you stuck in one emotional place. These emotions are byproducts of all the past experiences and they wish to perpetuate themselves turning your free energies into a closed loop, a program running in the background, a willing slavery to a self-constructed story. Since the known (no matter if it is pleasant tor unpleasant) feels safe you’ll most likely stay there until a shock, trauma, loss or crisis takes you out of it, you’ll live out your days in survival mode. In this Newtonian world of cause and effect you will become stuck if you leave your faculties and emotions to run the party without you.

The refractory period is a time needed to process the emotional reaction to an event, but since high charged emotions are addictive we stay in the refractory period far longer than necessary – dwelling on old loves, jobs lost, friendships and relationships gone wrong, mistakes we made. This mood will become a temperament if held long enough, and will eventually become a character trait. 70% of your energy will then be spent in survival mode conditioning your body into the state of constant fear. Your body doesn’t know the difference between emotions as a reaction to current reality and those you’re calling back in your mind. Change your daily choices little by little, it will be uncomfortable, your body will try to stop you to regress back into the known, be aware of it and do it anyway. Your basic senses and emotions are here only to allow you to survive, not to fulfill your greatest mission.

In the quantum world all possibilities are possible simultaneously and they allow for proactive creation of the outcome instead of just passively reacting. In the quantum you are free to move through the spectrum of possibilities unbound by yesterday, time stamp on a memory is irrelevant. You are free to choose your thoughts and your world view, if and only if you invest the activation energy to break away from the old patterns.

Don’t wait for the outside to change you, it’s an inside job. You’re not a slave, you are not a victim of times gone by, you are a free flowing entity with an uncanny ability to choose its own path and surpass the basic instincts and pitfalls of chemistry. There is only one place where you are omnipotent – in your inner world – and that is quite enough to build a life you want.