The questions you ask can and will determine the course of your life. You’d think it was the actions, the decisions and the time you invested, wouldn’t you? Well yes, in a way, but there is s root that goes far deeper as a precursor to behavior and that is the question in the back of your mind, at the center of your personality – a reason why you do something, and what it answers to. We all have some leading question directing our life decisions. What is yours? Is it – How do I get rich? How do I become powerful? How do I find redemption or peace of mind? How to love and be loved? How do I be a best mother/father I can be? How do I become a better version of myself? How can I learn the most possible in one human life? How do I become best in my field? How do I find happiness? What is happiness? How can I be different? How do I live life on my own terms?… no matter what it is it will distort each and every experience you have adding more answers to the internal pole you’re conducting.

Are you asking the right question for YOU, or are you spending your time here collecting answers to the question someone else asked for you? So, what if you don’t want what you were taught to want all your life, what if it just doesn’t resonate will your value system, what if you don’t want to be rich, famous or live a hectic corporate life, what if you want a peaceful life, a garden of your own, more free time, to wake up without an alarm clock, what if you don’t want to explore your full potential and pretend you care about perceived successes or failures, what if you have no need to be revered, have no regard of power, no interest in being mother, wife, girlfriend, don’t care about influence, don’t want to be recognized or special…

If something seems off, it there is a nagging feeling that you’ve been chasing the wrong thing (for you) sit down and instead of trying to cut it all out into tiny pieces of rational and logical explanations just try asking a different question? Ask yourself as many questions as you can and listen to your person reacting to them, the one that stings is the right one. What is it you’d enjoy doing and exploring every day of your life, what makes you feel like life gains fullness and texture from it? What is your question? Ask better questions like your life depends on it – because it does.

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