Darwin made the questions of life, survival and evolution his life work and obsession and came to the conclusion that those who survive of the species, and as a reward get to perpetuate their gene strand, are not by far the strongest among the species, but those who are best able to adapt to changing circumstances of their environment. That which lives on is that which refuses to stay the same.

We so often slide into dogmatic thinking and ritualized behaviors and habits. There is nothing wrong with that for a while. The brain loves to go on autopilot to conserve cognitive energy, it loves to find patterns and repeat the ones that have shown successful. And yes, you may very well be right at some moment in time and find a perfect fit for the current circumstance, but the thing about circumstances, their central defining characteristic, is that they change. They change according to necessity of cause and effect and as conglomerates of completely random interactions of innumerable coincidental constellations of various streams of data, actions, emotions, surroundings, the environment…

You never know anything permanently, you are in the game of percentages with a goal to tweak yourself constantly, to seek out new ways to not burry your head in the sand but be aware of the flow of life. Don’t ever let your ego play such mockery on you to make you believe that you have arrived where ever it is you are going to. At best you’re just visiting this place or are at a resting stop. Be willing to be completely and utterly wrong, consciously seek out different point of views and opposition to challenge your perception. Discard the arrogance and allow yourself the humility of being a constant student of life, the grace of sitting at someone‚Äôs feet and letting them teach you what you need to learn about life at that moment.

Be wrong, and be wrong often, and be proud of being wrong because it means you are still searching, you are still alive, an explorer, a seeker. Have the courage to admit when you are wrong and to change once you realize your faulty reasoning. Life always has and always be expanding and contracting in direct proportion to your courage. Courage means “of the heart” so put some heart in your days and let yourself be bent out of shape and entertain other possibilities. Rigid things break, but flexible things withstand the pressure spring back. Be wrong, and be wrong often!