And if you still think it has to be you’ll have quite a hard time dealing with life and will remain drained by neglecting to see the real and fighting imagined realities. The truth is – it is never was and never will be entirely fair. Good deeds and intentions won’t always be rewarded with goodness in return, and malice, selfishness, deceit, and cruelty won’t always be punished or reprimanded (especially if it is (still) profitable).

Only place where things always come full circle and where good ultimately always wins are the fairytales. Here all the characters are a black and white representations of absolutes – completely good or completely bad. In reality we are all shades of gray, far more than 50, and we all balance our lives between light and the dark that so easily comes to the human condition. But as you don’t live in an enchanted forest, or somewhere “far far away” you are here to deal with everything that comes, yes, even unfairness. But the good thig is that in this reality you are also free to try and become more, to search and find, mutate, grow and choose. You may succeed, you may fail, you may be crushed or elevated by it all – but the thing is you have the chance to live it, unbound by your unescapable position you’d have in a fairy tale. You can choose to be the hero or a villain here, there’s no script.

That it is sometimes unfair doesn’t mean you stop trying because life cannot be lived with just ROI in mind. Sometimes you’ll do things just because they feel right and no one else needn’t understand why. The society is mostly shaped by false information available much more readily and requiring much less effort than to dig to the truth, and tragedy and chaos sell the papers. You never ever got the stamp from the universe when you came into being guaranteeing you it’s gonna ever be fair. The society should be a place for the truth but it mostly isn’t unless you stop buying into the mainstream and find your own truth. You don’t need the divine interventions of Greek tragedies to set things straight, you’ll make it work… eventually. Reality is much better than the fairytale – the end hasn’t been written yet.