Where you to stumble upon a time machine, you’d be quite curious about learning from the past and possible futures. Thank you frontal lobe! In being so stuck here, in this constellation of society values and rules, we tend to have a sort of selective amnesia of the lessons of the past while we are so prone to labeling, a destructive force tearing societies apart. It may be intentionally or just as a series of accumulated bad decision of the system which result in crippling majority of its members, deeming them In-valid just because they don’t fit the molds, because they are not being pigeons neatly fitting in their holes.

We evolved to live in communities. This meant higher chances of finding food, more protection, shielding the weak or young members and allowed your offspring to be safe while you go out and explore, it allowed for the cross generational transfer of knowledge, myth, rituals… and if your time machine would buzz and bleep you into these first communities you would see a very different structure. The larger the diversity of gifts, talents and intelligences within that the community the more successful it was. You needed the builders, the socially intelligent, spiritually intelligent, sensory intelligent and those with natural understanding of the earth, the protectors and nurturers. This is how life was lead in the natural sized community for the human – a few hundred maximum.

But we’ve lost sight of the individual and decided to put systems in place to manage. And the system did what it does best – implemented reductive policies, benefiting itself because it is easier to deal with a homogenized society. It decided which skills were useful and judged all its members accordingly, while all else was discouraged. Some of us/you will slip through the cracks and survive with their innate talents and gifts not crushed by the system but many will be destroyed or at least sad an unfulfilled for giving them up for something more “practical”, “profitable”, “reasonable”. Your system today educates it’s young to sit still, not cause trouble, listen and repeat back what they’ve heard. This will fit nicely for those with linear, mathematical or verbal intelligence. They will be seen as successfully handling their obligations. But what if this is not your primary way someone thinks. Have you ever known someone who did really badly in school, being convinced by it that they can’t do anything right or that they are just not smart or capable, while you saw them as an absolute genius in other areas, they’re amazing dancers, the artists of convectional and unconventional materials, the seekers, explorers, cooks, they understand rhythm, weather, engines, people, plants… They are not wrong, the society that shuns them for being “different” is.