Language and how it came to be is utterly magnificent. It’s like a map of subconscious, a guideline, a never-ending and forever changing story of being human. The word “endure” is the composite of two Latin words in (in) and durus (hard) – meaning literally “to be in the hard, put under pressure, going through rough times, to be pushed, squeezed and weight down”. It mutated into indurare (harden) and subsequently in the old French into endurer meaning “to bear, tolerate, keep up and continue in existence, undergo a tabulation WITHOUT BREAKING”. It would seem kind of mean to suggest that breaking is somehow dirty or undignified or a death sentence… it’s not. It’s just an event, neutral and non-defining of an outcome. We’re all soft inside and there is only so much we can take (much more than you’d imagine – the Marines have a saying that when you think you can’t go on, you are only at 40%). The trick is to not allow the occasional breakage to be the stopping point, but to get up, let go, pick the pieces, reassemble them into a better you, be schooled by adversity and try again, and again and again.

Endurance is basically the only prerequisite to any success, all else is a variable but not giving up is the only requirement. Even working on a dream will not always be easy, in fact it won’t almost as a rule and constant grinning happiness is not necessary while you’re working on something. None of us came here with endurance hardwired in them. This is a thing to be earned by your choices. Seeing things trough even when it gets crushingly hard and tests all you have to give is more important than perfection. If it is not important leave, if you feel in your deepest self that it is, keep going and give it all you have.

You’ll be all right, stress is a mental creation, you’re your own frame of reference and decide on a reaction. Stress never killed anyone, not being able to control your mind and letting it eat you alive did. Pain and hard times are not here as a punishment, they are a gift, and instructor to guide you and show you what else you need to learn, work on, get better at… You won’t get where you want to go by accident, everywhere worth going requires effort and stamina. Endure; build a framework of a strong person. Only those who know themselves can ever truly know another and allow them in. Smiling when you feel like screaming doesn’t make you pleasant – it makes you a liar. Get congruent, get strong, do what you need to do to build what you want to be. Fall, get up and do it all over again. Only the humble can ever learn anything new.