Be it in the shape of DNA or a body of memory of what has been done to this basic source code since incarnation. Memory is a layered composite of the past, the end product of millions of years of evolution. You have no information stored in your cognitive memory of how your grand grand grand grand mother looked, but your body remembers her nose, her eyes or that weird bended little toe on your right foot. There is such thing as genetic memory meaning that your lifestyle now will leave physical traces on your genome that will be passed on and you’ll get to modify the code, abuse it, clean it, make it better or worse.

In a months’ time the food you eat will determine the new body which will be composed out of these building blocks. Cells die all the time and new are born from the fuel you pour into the process. Memory imprints itself on all levels in a feedback loop that wants to repeat itself and you’ll start to crave it. Memory is layers upon layers of past actions reemerging as a habits. We like habits because they make us feel safe and cocooned in the known. Have you ever wondered how some people can love the horrid traditional foods they eat, or enjoy the music of their country even if it sounds like cats in a dryer at full speed… this too is a memory of the body – taste buds remember, the ears remember, and cultures leave things to be remembered. The specific combination of chemical signals has made itself at home in the brain and each time the action is repeated this memory gets engrained deeper. The thing is memory is like a lens, it distorts and bends what you’re looking at, it is the perversion of cleanness of experience.

Have you ever thought about the use of fasting, detox, meditation? Its aim is to push the sensory memory out of the way so that you can see more clearly. There is a reason why altered states of consciousness demand alterations in the actions, a break from perpetuating a memory loop, breaking the chains which entrap the mind. Get some detox here and there, clear some brain and body history, change the way you do things, change the asanas or the style you practice, learn something new. Learning new things is hard because your whole brain is suddenly awake to make sense of the new input, shaken up from breaking the pathways of “we’ve always done it this way”. This is good, this is how you grow.