Everything is available. You’ve never been more cocooned, coddled, safe or wealthy on the scale of the entire humanity as you are now. This might seem wrong but just think about being dropped in any other era of history as an average person, what your day to day life would be like when your fundamental needs are not met and your prime mission in life is not success or joy but pure bodily survival. Everything is available, and this is not necessarily a good thing – in a manner in which matches would not be a good thing to hand to someone with auto destructive tendencies. Soon you’d find yourself in a blazing inferno with the one who lit the match delightfully grinning at the novelty although it is gonna take him with it as well.

Your body, digestive system, hormonal system, brain and chemistry were not made to live in the now, they are still adapt to the way that is natural to maximizing survival. Any disease, syndrome or disturbance of regular bodily or organ functions you may develop throughout your lifetime is a warning sign. It is actually good that it happened and it will point you towards healing if you listen to it and not just fixate on eliminating the symptom but follow it to the cause. It is an blazing alarm signaling that something is out of balance and the most effective cure for a large majority of it is not neatly packed on pharmacy shelves. You may very well need these interventions here and there but most of the times it’s your own body rebelling against a lifestyle. If you just changed your diet, movement and sleep patterns your universe would shift.

We have no medical degrees but have eyes, ears and experience of living in a body, as well as common sense and the ability to collect data, analyze, synthesize and conclude (but conclusions are useless if they don’t inform behavior, if the data is not implemented on the level of action). It is embarrassingly simple when you really look at it and see how you’ve been treating your body. Let’s say you have a bunny. Would you feed it bacon? No, its body was not meant to deal with this. The bunny might like the taste of this new carnivorous diet, and might not have any direct visible consequence after munching on bacon a few times so you continue on. Not dying instantly does not make something right – it just delays the consequence of a stupid decision to a point at which you can no longer associate it with stupidity and are therefore willingly blind – because it is easier to keep doing the same thigs than to change.

Imagine now you slide deep down the ancestral tree all the way to your Paleolithic ancestor. Primitive, right? Well no. What is primitive is to know what is right and not do it anyway, to be able to find balance and refuse to or be too lazy to try. It is not primitive to live in accordance with your own biology and the world around you. So why would you have to duck a spear? Because he would be quite angry at his successors if he had torn his tendons running from predators, slept in the cold and dark and rummaged the land for things to survive on just to, as and end result of generation after generation of fighting for a right to stay alive, he finds a person knowing all that he/she knows and not doing it anyway – Eating things refined to the point where they are almost plastic and washing it down with things that could clean pipes, overloading with sugars just to feel any burst of energy after they have broken their own hormonal and metabolic nuclear power plant inside.

Your Paleolithic ancestors would have had no access to processed wheats, sugar was nowhere to be found outside of a highly unlikely and very occasional high risk robbing of a bee’s nest, there would have been no animals to milk and then drink the milk of another species. They would have eaten meat for protein, fats to give slow releasing energy and protect the brain, pick what they could find of vegetables and an occasional seasonal fruit or berry, nuts and seeds, stolen an egg here and there… They would have walked ( not killed themselves with cardio because that would make them weak and an easy prey) for miles and miles to hunt and never had three large meals a day but regularly got their bodies into ketosis allowing it to burn access fat and not store it.

But you can’t get to ketosis without the thyroid T3 hormone and the first documented thyroid malfunctions coincide exactly with the human species starting to farm grains on a larger scale. You know all of this. You know you can’t keep introducing garbage into the body and get away with it in the long run, you know that a muffin does not qualify breakfast, that a soda is not a drink, you know how you feel after you eat a large amount of fried floury things and how bad the crash is. The overflow of sugars and other carbohydrates in our diets has effectively made most of the population food addicts implementing the same reward mechanisms in the brain as if you were on crack. Eat a cookie when you seriously crave one – that’s how a hit feels to a junkie. Play this hedonistic game long enough and what happens is you’ll get tiny inflations in the body due to the garbage that cannot be processed at this rate. This will in turn twist your body chemistry, neurotransmitters and hormones to try and warn you and get you sick to make you pay attention and keep you alive by noticing. If you continue you’ll disturb the whole gut biome and crash your immune system leaving yourself wide open to what you’d naturally be protected against if you only allowed your body to do what it is meant to do – To function optimally and keep you alive and active.

Your body was made to feel good; you’ve probably forgotten how good. Most of the things can be fixed and healed if you just got out of its way and start working with it and not against it. There is such intelligence in the body and if you’re unsure of how to help at least don’t actively do harm if you know better. There is a principle in computer sciences called the GIGO principle meaning “garbage in garbage out” aka the output is completely dependent on the input. Do better, start today!