The history of human ascent is the history of overcoming the emotional, mental and physical limitations and inadequacies, of learning how to cope and developing processes which we can trust to tilt the balance towards survival. We are not that special in the animal kingdom from a purely biological design perspective – we’re not extremely strong, have no shell or fur to protect us, don’t have extremely heightened senses to help us in the environment… Yet, we compete for this planet and its resources with all other life forms, some on the surface and more visibly, some hidden below the skin, some for the right to the environment, and for some – so tiny we can’t even see them but potent enough to wipe us out from existence – we are the “environment”. Disease is a result of this latter competition. If an infectious disease has the capability to wipe all of us out then why didn’t it so many times by now it had the chance. Why do they suddenly stop at one moment? Why do all zombie movies have a patch of non-zombies left running around even if the majority is zombified? It cannot always be that we found the cure and learnt to stop it in time, especially in the further from the present removed regions of the past.

Most of the time stopping wasn’t of our doing, but is an inherent principle in epidemiology. A deadly infectious disease will start rapidly spreading to the point where it cannot be contained nor controlled and it will become and epidemic or a pandemic, consuming all it can in its path. But at one point (regardless of any intervention on our part) it will just stop, mutate or quiet down, retreat and let some live. Why? This is a principle called self-limiting and it is inbuilt in the disease perpetuation and spreading as a safety mechanism aka it mustn’t kill everyone because there would be no more hosts for it to continue living through.

Remember this principle when faced with relentless abusers, narcissists or bullies in any shape or form (there will be some in your life). Don’t make excuses for them nor confuse their self-limiting with kindness. They didn’t stop the torture, neglect or abuse, because they have suddenly had a change of heart or were awoken to empathy. They’ve most likely “kept you breathing” and allowed some sanity because you’re no use to them if you’re too broken or traumatized to react and “be a good victim”, to give them satisfaction of the effects their power has over you. This is how anger, maliciousness, bitterness and sadism works. It might subside, but not for the naive reasons of a sudden epiphany. Listen to what the viruses have thought you – it all needs a medium to spread through or effect, so stay awake, don’t let yourself get sucked in by random kindness or fooled into letting your guard down if you know the core. Regardless of their self -limitation, you limit the contact to not get affected by the malice. The virus spreads, that’s its only logic and ethos.

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