Matriarchy and patriarchy are about pure need for dominance and power, about the dominion over who you find different than yourself, about imposing an artificial hierarchy onto something that is biologically complete and equal in itself.

From the emergence and formation of the first modern humans 200 000- 300 000 years ago all the way to the present day, as far as we know there was no matriarchy and patriarchy split. For the most part men and women were completely equal, focused on survival and codependent for it. In the hunter gatherer societies both were responsible for supplying food sources, protecting and keeping the environment safe, there was no trace of raising one and lowering the other and the jobs were appropriated according to natural abilities of each sex. Then the power shift occurred where the patriarchy arose from the simple transition to farming. Farming needed pure muscle power and the bodies of men are naturally more muscular and are more apt to physical labor. Most of the resources got concentrated in the hands of men and women started to be regarded only as supporting roles and property, even being sold, traded and transferred to another man by law as commodities, written in the ledgers as possessions together with the number of cattle or wagons a man possessed. Women were for all practical purposes slaves used for reproduction (preferably giving a male heir) to transfer the wealth to.

Then another shift changed the tectonics and, as it usually goes that each new era tries to define itself by moving away as far as possible form the previous one, it overshoot the goal of equality and gave birth to movements as feminism and it’s militant sisterhoods trying to establish a matriarchy under the guise of equality, waving the banners of millennia of oppression ignoring that this is only a tiny fragment of male-female parallel histories. They started to hate and despise all nuances of intersex relations and forget that there are real differences. Differences don’t mean “not equal” they just men DIFFERENT. Nature thrives on polar opposites, it is structured in dipoles and the existence of opposites is what fuels the dynamic of advancement and evolution. Trying to make the women SAME as men, instead of EQUAL results in uniformity and uniformity is also not equality because our natural tendencies are not the same. As confirmed infinite times in biology, the decrease in diversity of a species results in degeneration and extinction. As the patriarchy led to copying the male more pronounced aggression and competitiveness onto the political map of the world, and as the two world wars almost wiped us out and resulted in creating weapons capable of doing that, a lot of the men of 20th century died fighting for dirt, dying to prove they are right, for the glory of their ideology or in defense of it. This new scarcity of men meant women, by necessity, had to take over the enclaves that were traditionally male, They became drivers, factory workers, steal manufacturers… and as the second half of the century and modernization transferred the largest capital from raw muscle and physical power back into the intellectual sphere that needs collaboration and social skills women were natural more adapt to this type of work and the landscape started to change.

The new movements trying to equate the two are just plain wrong, there is no need to force women into fields that are psychologically better suited for men or vice versa to satisfy an imagined “quota”, be politically correct or avoid the lawsuits of overly sensitive public brainwashed by empty paroles in complete disconnect with reality and fact. The facts are that equality does not require sameness, that dignity lies exactly in owning your differentness and respecting the other without needing it to conform, with celebrating your nature be it male or female and working together honoring our respective gifts. We are not the same, but we are equal.

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