Ignorance is a dangerous thing, but more dangerous than not knowing is thinking you know, confusing your experience of something for the fact about it.

The accumulation of your thoughts, feeling and sensory input you’ve gathered about something is just that – an accumulation – and it doesn’t have to correlate with someone else’s experience of the same thing. Don’t confuse your present perception of things for the truth. Were you in a different mood your perception would have been different as well. The only way we can get close to the truth is by our senses gathering data which are then processed within our minds, like a hologram or a simulation of a thing that we create within ourselves, a ghost we attribute properties to. This is not wrong, it is actually the only way we can function because the full reality in all its detail and nuance can never be grasped by one person and in knowing this we can understand that our view is not objective, that in order to get closer to reality you need to discuss, exchange opinions, deliberately speak to those who think differently (and really listen to them) and challenge your ideas and perceptions. The truth will be somewhere in the middle most of the time if neither side is delusional.

The truth is dependent on many things including the way you ask the questions, but the answer always comes distorted through all of your life experiences and personhood so the mirror in which it is reflected is already wonky. But a wonky blurry mirror is still better than no mirror at all, so a lot of wonky mirrors analyzing together can give you a working models of reality that can be close enough to the real deal to be relatively predictable and that based on it you can make semi informed decision on how to move about reality. Even a plain mirror will show you everything as a mirror image. It takes far more skill to flip it and see, that to stare at the reflection. In flipping a mirror there is a risk in shattering but you first need to level out the mirror, to set it so it doesn’t fall and that reflects a true mirror image of the real. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it is not possible for it to be, but it is possible to make it better.

The more you know, the more you listen, explore, the more information (from dependable sources) you’re exposed to you’ll begin to formulate your model, to see better to see further and to be able to incorporate more things in your working model. The beautiful brutality of forcing yourself through the chaos of searching when you’re young is that the feeling of being lost and overwhelmed will start to disappear as you gain more wisdom and in the ultimate truth of elegance the fog will clear to leave a fewer number of fundamental principles the more data and experience you have to put into comparison. Learn to see, and to distinguish what things are distortions from the mirror structures and what is real, or as close as you can get to real with your limited senses and capacities.

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