If it doesn’t matter you don’t do it, but what matters on and off the mat? Well, Yogamatters matters with its efforts to serve the individual and collective yoga journeys through an array of holistic yoga and wellbeing products.

Based in London, their story began in 1996 out of sheer necessity when the two original founders, Paul Walker and Sandi Sharkey, found it quite difficult to get their hands on some good yoga equipment. Selling yoga mats from the back of their cars after classes evolved into Yogamatters, born in 1999. In three years a humble offer grew to a 1000 selected products, and now you can find between 2500 and 3000 wonderful yoga and wellbeing items on any given day. There are all kinds of mats and bags, equipment and accessories to support your practice, carefully curated clothing lines, health and wellbeing items, gifts and home decor, books, an ongoing blog and some great events.

In 2016 Looxa was just a zygote, beginning with a new idea, when one e-mail resulted in a beautiful collaboration with the Yogamatters team, who we’ve over time began to regard as friends and not only partners, and it’s our great joy to have the workbooks so warmly welcomed among the amazing rooster of brands. Your money goes further at Yogamatters. Once you’ve been blessed it is time to pay it forward and give back, which they do by redirecting funds into worthwhile causes spanning from educational projects and mental health organizations to supporting the prisoners learning yoga and meditation and nonprofit yoga organizations.

And as matter transforms into energy and vice versa within us, the next time you are in need in some yoga matters visit the best online funnel of all things yoga.