There is this swirly mess of things that none of us are excused from, a vortex and a tornado shaped (metaphoric and symbolic) structure that will take you for a spin, a ride of your life, up up and away and way deep down. It is like a 4D drain swirling in all directions simultaneously, speeding up and zeroing in bit by bit to the single point of the drain, traveling huge distances instead of a straight line to the drain. The suction power of the center creates the movement and as you’ already know movement is what keeps all things in balance, everything dances all the time and your psyche is no different.

In Jungian psychology this idea is called circumambulation. It means that there is this notion of your future self, a person that becomes all it could be, and that through life you’ll get clues in the present to get closer to that person in the future in the form of interests, things that grip your attention. The premise is that if you listen to these inclinations you get closer to all of your potential, you get that much closer to fully expanding your person. Your interests will lead you onto the path of maximum development and it is an adventure of discovery of the unknown and the path is anything but straight. You’ll spin around in circles each circle getting smaller and closer to the bullseye, because you don’t know any better and can therefore not be judged for the mistakes along the way, and there will be so many. You don’t know how to do this, how to start and where to go from that start so you stumble around pretty much blindly but there is a force in the center that will not let you stray to far – if you listen. You will do it badly at first whatever it is but that is ok, you need to be willing to be a fool before you can be a master. The cool thing is that as you go further the amount of mistakes drops and the circles speed up.

This has happened many times before to shape who you are now. You go with a friend to visit a show, art exhibition or finally agree to go and see that play, the science fair or the planetarium, you stumble upon some random information idly surfing the net and all of a sudden it feels like home, it grabs you and you just can’t help devoting your time to exploring further. This is it. This is the guide that shows up like the deux ex machina, this is a puzzle piece to the whole picture. There is a reason why your interest is so strong even if you can’t see it now. If you truly feel a pull in that direction – exoplore it. It might take a whole lot of spinning to get to the center but moving is better tahn standing still. Doing it badly multiple times is a whole lot better than not doing anything at all. So round, and round and round you’ll go, and that our friend is a good thing. Keep moving, keep searching.