It’s routine check-up and you see the look in the doctor’s eyes, your kid seems to not be doing as well or progressing as they should, you see your elderly parents or grandparents rapidly declining, that test was positive, that test was negative, something you invested your heart, soul, time, money and energy in flopped, you did everything you could and it still failed, the relationship of 20 years is crumbling all around you… and the thought starts creeping in, the cocoon created around something important and seemingly stable starts to stretch and tear, the doubts first trickle and then pour in, the first glimmer of worry soon flares up and takes up all of your skies.

Worry acts as an echo chamber in which the first utterance (your own or someone else’s) becomes a loop of repetition. The original voice is no longer saying it but it keeps on rolling and multiplying. It becomes almost as a ghost living within with a mind of its own, something that escaped as a runaway train and you have no more control over it. You’ve experienced this when one single seedling of worry, an unexamined though or a feeling is allowed to run a mock and in no time at all you’re in panic and anxiety mode. Saying “Don’t worry” is easier said than done because in many aspects worry means something is important to you, but the act itself is extremely destructive. Once the chamber is filled with echoes you can’t hear your own thoughts from the noise of the chatter. No amount of worry will change the outcome, but regrouping and action just might. Worrying is stagnant place in which noting can grow, it locks you into passivity that cannot find a solution because it is to busy talking to its own echoes. There is always some sort of solution, always, but you can’t hear it while you’re tuned into the wrong frequency wallowing in your chamber.

The next time worry arises remember you’re a human and by this incarnation you’ve also been granted the ability to control your own mind. Everything stats with self-regulation. There can be no growth outside if there is none on the inside. You alone have the power to enter a dialogue with worry, not a dictatorship in which you tell it to sit down and shut up. This kind of a hard core popular pep talks can work for a while but it doesn’t get rid of the doubt and it will emerge again. Worry is alive, a being in its own right and should be treated as such, acknowledged and reasoned with. You may hear what it has to say and then really stop and think about it. How many of the scenarios it is presenting are real or even likely in reality, is there any truth or potential truth in it and if it is what can you DO to try to avoid the outcome it suggests, as well as how can you prepare for the outcome if there is literally nothing you can do. Step out of the chamber. No problem was ever solved by the same system that created it. Once you’re back outside, standing in the light you might even see that that the problem the voices were so relentlessly shouting about within the chamber does not even exist outside of it.

Don’t worry! Happiness is not necessary as a continuation of this sentence, but joy (not the same as happines), peace, purpose and action are.