Yes, even the “bad” ones, especially the “bad” ones. In a superb intelligence of existence there is no split of experiences into good or bad ones. There are only change and constant movement which we, with our limited perspective, locked in or minds, senses, memories and beliefs, perceive as experiences and read them accordingly.

The same experiences will mean different things to different people and it will leave a different taste for you at different stages of life. The experience itself is not what changed. It is just an event, neutral in itself. But as humans we have tendencies to chase the highs and try to avoid the lows. If we encounter something that is interpreted as bad, dangerous, unpleasant, difficult or challenging the first (and natural) reaction is to move away from it, to run away, to pull back into safety. But some difficult experiences are gonna be those we cannot run away from nor should we, as they a part of the fabric of life. Buddhists recognize that one of the truths of life is that some suffering is unavoidable and there will be times when you cannot do anything else but get to the other side of it- and the only way to get to the other side is through. When these experiences come – bless them. This is what the oldest and wisest cultures on this planet have been sharing for millennia. Blessing an experience is a form of prayer. It doesn’t mean you want more of these difficult situations in your life or more suffering but it means acknowledging their existence. In doing so you break the resistance that is the cause of most of the suffering and leave only the pure experience to teach you, shape you, change and mold you in order to understand life better, to collect wisdom from it in order to be able to better help others going through it and to see it as it is – as a transition not to be fought against but embraced. Resistance is self-produced suffering, acceptance brings deeper understanding of the common truth of the fleeting nature of all material things.

Bless everything – the difficult circumstance you are in now, be it something personally or professionally challenging, be it a health issue you’re battling yourself or someone of your loved ones is, bless those who have played dice with your trust, bless those who don’t understand what you’re trying to do, bless your own mistakes of the past when you didn’t know any better and bless all the knowledge that comes from it all. Blessing the experience will not eliminate or resolve it, but it will rearrange you into someone who does not hide from it, it will make you ready and able to handle all that comes your way. Bless it to be free and to see better. Bless it to live better, understand and grow. Don’t resist, bless it whatever it is as it is and work with it not against it.