The dichotomy see-saw of doubting which whisper to listen to is mostly attributed to weighing life choices. Symbolically shown as an epic battle of two organs, it stands for the eternal fight between reason and emotion, presuming somehow they are not integrated in one whole of your person but each pulling in its own direction.

Our heart and head rumble today has no connotations of battle. They are not here to fight and “win” or “lose” in a tug-of-war for supremacy within the body they are keeping alive. We’re here to weigh their input in the filed, the bio magnetic or electromagnetic field of the body. You are a being of energy that radiates and is encircled by bio magnetic fields coiling around you. Your body is not just animated meat but a full-fledged energy entity. You would presume that the place with greater energy consumption and computational power would also be the one that consequently emanates the greatest bio magnetic trace, right? Well it is actually not so.

The strongest bio magnetic field of the human body is located in the heart. The hart also has a sort of neurological cells present, although in much lower numbers than the brain itself – 40000. These cells are called sensory neurites and are sometimes referred to as the little brain in the heart. Heart carries its own intelligence and these cells are not subordinate to the brain. They operate independently, learn independently, they think and feel in their own right and there have been many documented cases in which memories, character traits, fears and dreams have been translated via a heart transplant. The bioenergy from the heart can be measured and it is about hundred times stronger than the one we measure in the brain, with fileds spreading a few meters around the body like tapping into a greater network and serving to synchronize the cells in your body as well as synchronizing the body to its surroundings. The electromagnetic waves of the heart are powerful, so powerful they influence the world around us the same way we’re influenced by the energy of others. Yet the greatest power of all is to be what people call “in tune” meaning that the energies and the fields of your body are aligned and complementary forces, working together combining the capabilities of the brain and the heart which then manifests in everyday life as a deep intuition, understanding and acceptance.

In the West, for the most of our formative years and youth, we’re focused on educating the brain, seeing, remembering and analyzing in the form of information processing and are for the “matters of the heart” mostly left to our own devices to become our personal “meta-cardiologists”, but there are alternative ways of approaching the wholeness of being human. In the culture of South America’s Kogi people the children are first thought to think and learn via their heart and only after that are they exposed to navigating the world by using cognition and mental capabilities. In the end if an integration eventually occurs it doesn’t seem that important where you start, as long as you don’t get closed in a frame that doesn’t allow the idea of heart-brain integration to exist as a possibility. So when doing anything, when setting an intention or planning an action remember that you are a ball of energy with the body in its axis, you are energy, all pervasive, vibrating, ever present and indestructible.