Trust can be a superb organizational strategy, bringing order and flourishing to where once was only chaos and struggle.

Why are the mycelium mushrooms so chatty in our story? We’ll they are not, they are just an ordinary mouthless shroom, but all living things have something to teach us regardless of being in possession of a brain or a mouth. Action speaks and trust in particular is a never-ending subject. But our mushrooms are very special teachers indeed. The word mycelium means “more than one”. In a completely non-Borg-like manner these organisms have built their entire species and a way of life on trusting the whole whose part they become. They are a very dynamic, very alive underground system of mushrooms, hidden from the eye but creating abundance below the surface, allowing the terrestrial organisms to get all the glory while they ask no praise. What these mushrooms do is create an underground network in the soil, a highly effective distribution system in which they act as one giant root, like a distributive center, a benevolent and altruistic spinal cord of the ecosystem and the biome they move into. By connecting the roots of all nearby trees and plants they share the resources between them equally so that all can benefit.

The networks of Mycelium mushroom cannot form or operate without trust, or at least the closest resemblance of trust in a symbiosis such as this. The way that the mushroom network communicates and shares essential information and instruction on what to do to adapt to the surroundings and use resources as efficiently as possible is to “believe and trust” that all the organisms in this cooperative for survival will do their part, be it the higher plants catching more sun, the ability of some to repel parasites, one not overgrowing the other or older trees giving some of their long accumulated epigenetic “wisdom” to the sprouting young trees…

Going deeper into yesterday’s theme – where we’ve established cooperation and not competition as a fundament for life and the central law of nature – trust is a necessary condition for building any kind of successful relationship. Trust sits in the front row of every real love story, of successful business endeavors, happy families, communities and environments. You can’t advance without trust because by no stretch of imagination will you be able to do it all alone. So do as the mushrooms do and operate within the world by the “I trust you, trust me!” code. Don’t be naïve in believing that absolutely all you encounter will follow this philosophy but, at the same time, put in the effort to become someone worthy of trust. Trust opens up a shell and life becomes an expansive plain of infinite possibility which we can explore… together. Trust us, we trust you!