Passionate flamenco guitar fills the air, boils the blood and makes you unable to stand still; a slow burning violin melody burns itself forever into your soul; a quire starts quietly and explodes into powerful vibration; a lonely trumpet plays it’s lazy tune; an electronic piece raises to 140 BPM… things have their place, things have their pace – even when they seem out of place and out of pace.

There is 0% probability that all will happen at same pace. Some things are fast fires, some things are slow burners, some unfold faster than you can grasp them, some are a waiting game. Even when it seems that nothing is moving things are moving. The fact that you don’t see the movement doesn’t mean it is not there – it just means you can’t see it, are looking at it the wrong way or that forcing it is producing a counter push leaving it seemingly motionless. Everything moves and motionlessness is just an illusion of a point of view, even a mountain with eons in its CV is hurling through space orbiting your star. Even it has changed transformed and moved. But unlike mountains, we don’t have “forever” here and it makes us restless and impatient, it makes us want to force things within a frame of one lifetime while most big things are a process you can only contribute to instead of singlehandedly changing the world. There will be some whose ideas will, but the idea, technology and the means to do it is more a fusion of critical mass and the right timing for the idea to be accepted, but it too was built on previous knowledge and will live its full curse in the generations to come.

Things move at their own pace and there is no one conducting the orchestra. You need to find a way of how to incorporate your instrument at your pace in the music of all other players trying to do the same, playing it by ear to create a beautiful piece. All things have rhythm and everything dances although you are not privy to omniscient knowledge of it all. But that is ok. Patience is a skill, and as all other skills it gets better with practice.

Don’t force it, do what you need to do the best you know how to do it with the sheet music you’ve gathered by now and contribute to the symphony: You’ll find the pace eventually, don’t rush – it will come, or it won’t, and both is ok. If it does it is beautiful confirmation of seeing your effort come to life, if it doesn’t there are infinite paces and rhythmic patterns to choose from and dissonance and variation are what make things interesting. There is a pace to all things – don’t fight it, listen, learn and accept.