Since your ancestor ran through the savanna, muscular, wild haired, spear in hand, trying to survive the elements and all of the other factors able to take him/her clean out of the gene pool – “friend or foe” was the most important decision they had to make. About what? Absolutely everything.

The chances there are beasts lurking from the bushes now, contemplating a delicious meal of your liver, is extremely improbable, you’re pretty much sure which thigs are safe to eat, have enough water and have a shelter to protect you from the unhospitable elements and a safe space to rest. The primary needs of the first few bars of Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy of needs are met and you have your physiological and basic safety needs taken care of. In this stance you live in a far kinder world than your grand, grand, grand ancestor ever did and you are a very lucky human being indeed because this was not the norm for the most of human history on this earth. But the central question remains enacted no matter how much times change, it is just exported to the needs higher up the hierarchy and now relate to the friendships and relationships you’ll built with those around you to give meaning to the basic needs you’ve taken care of, they take into consideration true intimacy and not feeling isolated from your time and community, sense of connection and striving to be the best version of yourself you could be. And the question pops up again. but this time as the one ringing through your whole life shaping your mindset which in turn shapes the way you act or react to the things that come your way. The way you see your whole universe will determine the quality of thoughts, emotions and life so, in this new age, the question was appropriately famously posed by a man who spent his life understanding the most fundamental principles of this very same universe – Albert Einstein who stated that “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

The world “believe” here is right on the dot, because we just don’t know and chances are we can’t know, but we can CHOOSE TO BELIEVE one or the other, impacting our life trajectory. So does the universe serve to slow you down and laugh at your plans or does it serve as a supporting force for what you want to accomplish, or is it somewhere in between where the universe doesn’t even regard your existence and things are just completely… random? The answers to this conundrum are not a true-false, “circle the right answer” spreadsheet. They are open to interpretation, highly personal and private, creative, honest and deep. Whatever you decide to believe here will become real just as characters become destines, so choose wisely.

Just as a suggestion – why would something so vast and infinite bother with making it difficult for you on purpose? Wouldn’t it want to support life where life arises? Isn’t the most likely solution that it is neutral, neither good nor bad “but thinking makes it so”. Well, in this case you have absolutely nothing to lose by deciding to view the great beyond as a friendly source of infinite energy and potential. If destinies were already written it would be a bit of an anticlimax of living, and we usually label things as destiny retroactively once we see the picture of the past, never while we are living them. Nothing is predetermined, you’re free to (try) and go find wherever you want to. We tend to find what we are searching for, and interpret situations in order to confirm what we already believe, think we know or expect, so we’d highly recommend viewing it as friendly universe to avoid the trap of becoming bitter, nihilistic and auto destructive. If you decide to see it as a foe anyway, we hope you’ll at least accept that you can learn from the “enemy” as well.