Well, there are no enemies. It is a word we use to denote that someone wants the same things we do and is therefore in competition with us or (more rarely) they are truly malevolent and mean, hating the world and want to see it burn together with you in it. The fairy tale or comic book bad guys are symbolically portrayed as the worst set of traits combined, like being evil just for its own sake, but in real life there were very few figures with no redeeming qualities at all. So to us privately, publically, economically, historically – enemy is pretty much anyone who is pulling in an opposite direction although the word is packed with negative connotations.

None of us are separate from all others around us. The notion of self-interest is therefore an illusory one and mainly limited to a narrow time frame around now. It pretty much stands to denote instant gratification, because, if we are not separate it is in your/our best interest for the whole to advance, and the best way to get what you want is to give others what they want because reciprocity will come into play. The strongest moral compass on how to conduct yourself within the social is realizing that there is no “us” and “them”, you’re all me, and I am all of you, and the decisions and actions I choose are properly morally arranged if they benefit not just me, but you and the community as well. This is why you treat you enemy well, and not because you’re weak or a pushover. You do it because you’re wise and see the bigger picture. You might even get a bonus in which showing kindness to someone who was only used to unkindness might solve your problem with their malice entirely. You might actually achieve a general “win” by refusing to get pulled into the lowest. Opposition and difference in opinion are possible without the malevolent element of wanting to destroy or annihilate the other side. Chances are you’re not fully in the right neither they fully in the wrong but that the truth is somewhere in between under the layers of contexts.

You treat your enemy well because you would like to treat your future you, the you a week, month or a year from now well, and you’ll make the life of this future you way easier by not making the situation worse by satisfying your current impulsive wish if your buttons are pushed. The whole fabric of your community will become firmer once you take the responsibility of how you’re gonna treat your “enemy”, if you choose, dignity, respect and honoring other points of view – even if you cannot accept them. Wish your enemies well and make sure they stay well, because them being alive and kicking is good for you. It helps keep you sharp. You can learn so much from those you disagree with if you’re willing to listen and grow. Treat your “enemies” well, they are blessings in disguise.