As Jim Carrey put it – “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

This chance you are free to take a leap of faith for is not a chance at all, because there are no guarantees even if you choose the “safe” route, even the best hermetically sealed plans can fall apart and decompress, even the safest environments can turn violently uncertain at a drop of a hat. So put your hat on and go into this world with a sense of not obligation to do things, but with a mindset of servitude. How can you serve? What skills, gifts, talents, knowledge, emotion and genius have you gotten that can serve the world and people around you? What version of a better you can serve a better them?

If you do things because you think you have to they become a bleak obligation, an automaton like going through the motions fulfilling pro forma actions void of meaning. Little by little you start to give away bits of yourself or concoct an elaborate excuse why you’re not giving it your all and why it is safer to stay at 50%; 30, 10 perhaps? But if you take the plunge and rearrange and dismantle every mind trick and loophole you excuse yourself through for the half-assery of just barely performing at what you don’t really care about, suddenly there is magic in you. This is a part of what makes the unexplained phenomenon of charisma – a person whose thoughts, feelings and actions are a congruent whole, no hidden agenda, no fakery, no persona to protect the vulnerable real. You’re taken in by their sincerity of trying to serve the best they know how and their humility in understanding how much more there is to learn and how much growth is there to be done still.

What is your gift, that special thing that people continue to come back to you for? What is the extraordinary spark you’ve got? Do you truly understand suffering and are a great support through grief? Are you kind and put things into perspective? Are you a calm problem solver that disregards the usual reaction of panic? Are you an innovator that brings fresh points of view to all you encounter? Are you a poet or a writer able to express that which others are unable to, an artist with something to say? Are you deeply attuned to rectifying injustice, perfectionist with the eye for technical detail? Are you a guide, an amazing parent, an enthusiastic geek, have an amazing sense of humor or understand bodies or food? You are a combination of a million splendid thigs all at once and your gift is to be found at the cross-section of what is good, useful, what you enjoy doing and find meaning in. What will your service to this world be?