Do you enjoy being lied to? Does it make you feel good, bad, angry, betrayed? Would you agree that the amount of chemicals, their type and their impact on living organisms are considered to be “trade secret” and should be sealed as top secret? Do you consider stopping the research at 90 days, when after 90 days the cancer cell formations starts, fraud? Do you believe that the compound that causes uterus and testis degeneration, leaky gut, the failure of adrenal function and the development of cancer cells should be listed as “safe”? It all happened.
The largest producers of GMO crops don’t do food production as their core business, they are first and foremost chemical companies interested in moving the largest possible amount of chemicals they produce. GMO crops are a side gig that came to be because the spraying would usually kill the weeds and the crops, but if the crops are designed to be resistant they survive – and this makes up 80% of the world agriculture now. Most common active ingredient in herbicides today is glyphosate and its original use was as an industrial cleaner for the pipes buildup. It was noticed that when spilled on the ground it killed all of the plants so it was rebranded as a herbicide and is now sold to “help” farmers with weeds, but of course only if you buy the GMO seed as well that can survive the spraying. It takes out minerals and metals out of living things so if your blood work shows consistent mineral deficiency, chances are you are consuming foods that have been sprayed with glyphosate, basically ingesting a pipe cleaner that is destroying your gut microbiome responsible for immunity and metabolism regulation, vitamin production and the chemistry that regulates your brain function, mood, glandular functions…
When herbicides containing glyphosate came out they were labeled as safe for humans because humans don’t have a Shikimate pathway that plants do and that is disrupted in order to kill the plant by the herbicide. But the thing is our gut bacteria has this pathway and dies just as a weed would. Glyphosate has also been patented as an antibiotic. Although necessary as medication in severe situations, antibiotic is not something you should consume on a regular basis since its root word tells you its job: anti-biotic = against-life. It’s primary function is to kill living things not discriminating between the useful and harmful ones. There are also plants that have been engineered to have their own toxins, called the BT toxins who act as their own pest control. The bug dies when ingesting them because the toxin creates holes in the insects intestine. When these foods are ingested in humans they do the same and, although we might be bigger than the bugs, the amounts we consume are proportionally bigger.
Find local producers you trust, bypass the supermarket and go straight to the green market, the more packaging and ingredients on the labels the more harmful the thing is. The more processed it is the more chances it had for contamination. It is very doubtful that you can get 100% toxic free food 100% of the time since the chemicals spread by soil and air, but even a 40%,50%, 70% reduction allows the body the space to heal and do what it is supposed to do to support life and wellbeing. The body should be your vehicle to allow you to experience this life through the senses, not something that is a regular installation in the doctor’s waiting room. Whatever symptoms you or someone you know might be experiencing start working from the inside out and go organic, go green, make small changes where you can. These incremental improvements will over time accumulate into a large change. A lifetime of everyday chemical consumption won’t go away in an afternoon, but get really mindful of what you consume and pay attention to the changes you experience over the course of weeks and months, Instead of feeling angry at the system feeding you poison, feel empowered by the knowledge of the truth and the freedom to choose who you’re going to give your money to while you eat to live or eat to die.