What if you’re creative beyond belief… but no one ever told you you were. What if they told you what to do, when to do it, and how to feel about it as if somehow anything else outside of that line is wrong, as if the things you feel, want to express and do are wrong, as if you are “wrong” for not fitting in.

You’d consider an object that is unique and hand-made, even if imperfect, more valuable than the one that is generic, produced by a mold with millions and millions copies of itself. You value crafts that took, time, energy and heart, and carry that special spark of its maker and treat them as treasures. But when it comes to humans we find it much easier to deal with them if we put them into a certain neat category. What if the world’s most accomplished chemist is also a motorcycle fan and infinitely better at it than chemistry? What if that is what makes him truly happy but there is no such thing as “motorcycle rider” in a standard job description lot. What if your local baker understands the human body better than your doctor? Even if you’re good at something it does not mean it is your passion if it leaves you empty. What if the job/mission that is perfect for you and will light up your existence and fill you up with meaning has not been invented yet? How will you put that on you forcefully linear CV? Lives are not linear, it is not that easy to pull a line from point A to point B, when maybe what you find on the way to the B is Z and Z makes you feel alive, yet you have no space to pursue it because you have to be bothered by such a trivial thing as making a living. Time will pass no matter what you do.

As the three guys from sensation that is now known as the Blue Man group said: “We wanted to be postmodern multimedia vaudevillians who created instruments and explored pop culture in a shamanic primal atmosphere”. If your kid came to you and said this is what he/she wanted to do you’d look at them with the same look of trying to not hurt the child’s feelings and adoring its scribble as a master piece while you hang this monstrosity on the fridge museum, or with an eerie sense of dread and panic because your college graduate is going to end up alone, disappointed and penniless in some room resembling the atrium of a hell hole. But two thirds of the Blue Man sensation met while washing dishes for a living in a restaurant as they both yearned for the same – not as articulated as it is now, but they had a low resolution idea that there is something else they should be doing, that there is more in them.

So don’t judge, you have no idea why a person you meet now is doing what they are doing and what else lies inside. If you are that person, there is no need to wait for permission from the world to start digging deeper into that thing you know makes you light up. The permission will never come, and the world will never know if you don’t say it. Don’t quit your day job, but keep in mind that the winds are shifting, allowing more space for the unconventional. So take a good look at yourself, people around you, your children – there is a spark there naturally inclining them towards something. Observe them/yourself while they are doing certain activities. You husband or wife who’ve just came home from a job in a bank might seem more alive than you’ve ever seen them while chopping asparagus, you may find yourself loosing track of time while writing or catch your kid talking to him/herself creating elaborate sentence constructions from nonexistent words or bursting with joy while dissembling and assembling things. Find the fuse and light it. We’re all living but you might help someone come alive just by not saying to them it is not possible.