AKA why belief is a lazy way out. Because it is a full stop and not a comma on an experience. Because it is a sort of a conclusion that you’ve arrived but you didn’t even have to travel to arrive and you have zero experiences from the journey since you never took it. Every “conclusion” you choose to accept is a small death of the innate human spirit that explores and searches. The more beliefs you accept without implementing the “with the grain of salt” method because they were made by fallible beings just like you, the more like an automaton you become, and more your reality is determined by your beliefs. The “4 minute mile” was thought to be impossible until someone refused to BELIEVE it was.

If you choose to not fight for the sovereignty of your spirit and mind, by the time you’re 35 most of who you are will be a patchwork, a collage made out of the beliefs of others, That is a lazy way out, where you’re trying to explain a symphony of million notes by only the 5 you can hear. So no, don’t believe everything… but be involved in everything. Believing is passivity which requires nothing but a proclamation you believe and then you’re left alone to stay the same forever, excused from being judged for not trying. Being involved takes the whole you. It needs you awake, aware, listening and paying attention. Attention is energy and it is the most valuable resource you have in this life.

Imagine you’re in a room where there are chairs, people, tables, flower arrangements scattered around and the lights are on. Here you have no need to analyze the surroundings, you can just pass through without bumping into anything, you can do it half asleep and on autopilot and the surface of thigs is enough. But once the lights are off and it is pitch dark and your key sense for navigation is useless to you, now you’re fully awake and alert. You have no idea what the next step brings and if you’re going to bump into something or someone or not. You’re become observer, a keen learner with enhanced senses, a seeker of the way instead of someone taking it for granted. So don’t just and accept without first spending time seeking to see if it is right for you. People convinced that all rooms are well lit never activate their other sense and accept things as guarantees, but in the world of chaos well-lit places in which you can see everything are a beautiful rare exception and not the norm.

The blessing of all things is in the searching. Finding is just the final act of the story which also mutates as you do. It is intrinsic to human nature to seek and there is no true seeking without leaving the benefit of the doubt that the things you’ve been told are not the conclusion. You can seek while ever doubting what you believe and you’ll feel like you’re moving, but it will be running in place – a good exercise that will stir the blood perhaps but it will lead you nowhere. Don’t let the world make you half asleep by accepting the conclusions of others. There are very few impossible things in this universe and it is far nobler to search for new notes of the symphony than to continue on humming a few you have so far concluding these are the only ones that exist.