– Sadguru said, and Sadguru is right. That the pain is good is not self-evident in our aversion of being hurt to the point where we devote all of our time and energy to be eternally safe. The pain Sadguru was speaking of is physical pain and the capacity to experience it is truly one of the best gifts you’ve been given by evolution. It is a self-preservation mechanism telling you that a certain action is dangerous and your body’s way of warning you and keeping the body in optimal shape. Pain from an illness is warning you some damage is being done to the body and it’s urging you to pay attention, when you’re sick the body makes you want to lie down to allow all of the resource it has to go into fighting the bug or infection, if you overstrain muscles they will hurt in order to keep you from putting more force on them and allow them to regenerate, if you get sunburnt the skin burns and the sensation worsens in the sun in order to keep you out of it. The body is highly intelligent and we tend to mess about with things that don’t hurt us. These things are usually disposable and non-essential such as hair. But what we do need to live is protected by pain. It means it is important. The pain response keeps you alive.

Suffering on the other hand is not necessary and is optional; a facultative thing you can take on or not. Suffering is of your own doing, you create it in your mind. Whereas physical pain is straightforward and pragmatic – an action hurts so you stop doing it for a while and the pain stops, you patch up a wound, the body closes it for you, you treat the sick organ to get better – psychological suffering is self-imposed hell, a perpetual loop that you put yourself in and experience the pain over and over and over again, long after the lesson that it was supposed to deliver had been received. You can easily get addicted to the intensity of a powerful emotions such as suffering and keep picking the scab, never allowing it to heal, because in a perverse way – it hurts so good.

This is what we do. We’re human and there is a reason you tend to focus on the bad thing and ignore the 10 beautiful things going on around you right now. Remembering the bad ups the chances you’ll be able to avoid this situation if it comes about again in the future. Very useful thing for a proto-human that lived in a far more dangerous world than we live in today on an everyday basis, not so good for the contemporary human who’s highly unlikely to run away from lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!). Instead of keeping the clean baby of a new insight into life, we keep all of the bath water as well. We don’t suffer the concrete thing that happened but the narrative we’ve created around it, ascribing it meanings and rewriting it to hurt ourselves. So we suffer the actual thig, and then when it no longer affect us we suffer in the past stealing our present, and we suffer in the future pondering the possible catastrophes that might or might not occur based on that one thing from before.

Fell what you need to feel, take the lesson and let go of the rest. You’re not doing any favors to anyone by your perpetual suffering. No matter what the stories tell you – Suffering for a goal by planned sacrifice is noble. But there is nothing noble in suffering perpetually in vane without a goal. It is just aimless self-imposed hurt. But the good news is exactly that is is in most cases SELF-imposed so the SELF can decide to dispose of it and live a more joyous life.