…are the big things. It is not one single center piece but an highway of intersecting small stuff that accumulates and builds a life. You can choose to concentrate on just one in an effort to be the best you are in this one single thing, you can live your life through one magnificent obsession or have periods when life is viewed as such and that might have worked for a few people in history, but for a price of degeneration of all other areas of life. You’re just not wired like this and will have a much more rewarding experience on this Earth if you choose to remain opened to majority of little things that swirl around you each day. It’s a mental variety of not putting all of your eggs into the same basket, because basket is a things and things get, broken, damaged and are disposable.

What if you really had that one magnificent obsession? What if it was the only thing you cared about, if nothing else mattered? And what if by a combination of utmost dedication intersected with opportunity and you actually get it? What then? 18 months. This is how long the effect of getting what you want most lasts in making you happy and satisfied. Successful and depressed people are not depressed because they underachieved, but because they got exactly what they wanted and lost everything else in the process. What if, when you go that thing you yearned for, you realized it was really not that important or you have no one to share it with and it seems kind of empty and one dimensional, it seems like it’s flat, like batteries running out in an old boom box that starts to lag until it falls silent and leaves you just standing there – music less. By all means, chase that dream with all your might, but don’t ignore the life going on around you. There really is a thing George Mumford calls the AOF method, the abbreviation of “ass on fire”. You need to develop a sense of urgency to move, change and see, actually see what it is you’re doing that is constantly dragging you down. Chase the dream but don’t get blind to the needs of others by doing it. Some things you’ll need to alone, some doors are so narrow that only you can fit through and afterwards you can come back and grab others after you’ve done the work that needs to be done on your person. NO matter how hard you’re working on a dream, here and there get out of your selfishness, help yourself by helping someone else. Coming from a place of abundance is key. If you share you send into the universe that there is enough to go around.

The accumulation of little thigs becomes the big thing in the end.The accumulation of individual days becomes a life. Don’t live your life in a discriminatory way, dividing the whole of the world into “important” and “unimportant”. if you wall yourself into only one thing how do you expect life to open to you, when you’ve already wrapped red tape around most of existence. Only in opens you’re fully alive, otherwise you’re dying in instalments. Being alive is beautiful, being dead you’re not bothered by it but being half alive is endless torture. Don’t take the small things for granted and lose sight of their awesome fleeting beauty while fixated on a single outcome. You are free to strive but are not privy to knowing how the path to it will unfold. Omniscience is a phantasy, a thought experiment just as perfection is. Pay attention to the small stuff. Don’t get to the end of your road accepting a reward with no one to hug you afterwards.