And the correct response to them for this service is “thank you”. The innate unexamined anger festering inside them that makes them seem hateful, spiteful, mean and tactless is their own character flaw that doesn’t concern you if they happen to be right in their “hatin'”.

You needn’t socialize with them and not all the people you meet in life will be friendly and opened – some not by design, some warped and bent by life they didn’t know how to handle any other way than to become mean and resentful, some trying to pull themselves up by the blind road of putting the efforts of others down… these particularities are not yours to fixate on because they “hate” you and the chances they’ll listen even if you try to help are nonexistent, They’ve already decided who you are in advance by cherry-picking information from other sources. They don’t really hate you – they hate everything that is not them. Let this go, you cannot save them all, but the smart ones who just have a sort of a grudge with what you do, why or how you do it… these you can work with and they are your goldmine. You don’t need business counseling, you need better “haters”.

Take a lesson from the oversimplified world of all the superheroes out there and their nemeses – you never get more clarity on your mission than when you speak to your complete philosophical opposites. There is a reason why superhero revivals are booming in an era where we most lack clarity of a goal and a mission. Haters/nemeses are warnings of the things we missed because we so often get fixated on one single story and how it sounds to us alone, yet what you’re creating is most likely aimed towards many different people that comprise your market, community or niche. So “haters” are good, they are very very good at pointing out what you missed. The less they regard your own feelings in pointing this out the better. Your friends and family can give you valuable feedback but they are too close and too emotionally attached to you to see as clear as the judging rolling eyeball of a “hater”.

So the ones who just need to vent their own trauma and are leading some silly couch revolution to make themselves feel better you ignore, the intelligent criticism that has some meat on its bones, you listen to. Don’t try to please everybody because as soon as you please on group you’ve displeased another and the better you get at what you do the scope only widens, but you may get some better “haters” along the way. Taylor Swift put it nicely “Haters gonna hate, hate hate, hate, hate” and that is true just as writers gonna write, write, write, write, write and as singers gonna sing, sing, sing, sing, sing It is woven into the core of them by the -ers sufix. That is their thing. You have your thing. Do that. Work like mad on it and keep your eyes peeled for good feedback. Say thank you and say it often. Oh yeah, by the way – they are gonna hate that you thanked them as well.