No, not in the “oldest trade in the world” kind of thing, but real actual sleep, grabbing some ZZZs, catching some REM-s and paying a regular visit to the sheet fairy.
It is so so so easy to slip into a downward spiral of being always “on” being always alert, and convincing yourself that the world cannot turn without your input, so easy to burn the candle at both ends ending up a tattered wick with all of your great wax now useless, dripped and hardened on the floor. It’s a form of tacit grandiose delusion to burn yourself out. True, there will be a few nights in your life you will not have a luxury of sleep, or won’t want to go to sleep because what is going on is so beautiful, but these are exceptions and not a rule to live by in our #YOLO “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” universe. Because you most certainly will get to the “dead” finish line just as all others in history did, but why rush it. It is an arrogant belief that all must pass through us to be ok, not delegating because we believe there is only one right way to do things and that is your way, ending up micromanaging everything from our children’s lives, to color of the table cloths and our business. Find good people to work besides and rest here and there. Anyone who’s got a job that ignites their fire is susceptible to the spiral of burn out. Anyone who works for what they believe to be true and valuable is always working because their whole person is entangled with that goal.
You’re religious about charging your phone but you won’t charge yourself? Lack of self-care is a lack of respect for the self while being delusional, believing only you can handle things. There is a rhythm to all things and what has been inhaled and expanded need to contract and exhale to be able to take a new inhale. Sleep. Get into the groove and a pattern that works for you. No, you’re not that special to be able to function on 4 hours of sleep for any prolonged period of time if you don’t want to cultivate some disease and then notice that the rats are jumping ship. Apply the same vigor and zest you do for your work, family, friends and interests to a stabile self-care regime. Once you find your sleep groove and feed your body what it needs (not wants when it is craving quick sugar fixes to keep you awake after three days of robbing yourself from deep sleep) and most of the thigs it comes into contact with will slide from you as if you were made of Teflon. Develop a Teflon coating of good habits to support your growth. The better quality of sleep you get the more your performance improves and you actually do more in less time, gaining clarity and not wasting time on trivialities.
Perfectionist in you might not let you sleep and you’ll have some bloody bare knuckle battles with it a few nights but negotiate with your brain, write down on a piece of paper what needs to be done tomorrow, get it out from under your skin so the brain no longer panics it will forget. Find a haven. The best way to be on top of everything is to get under the covers. If you want to get more done – sleep more. Rest now, you’ve done what you could do. The world will still be here tomorrow and you’ll have another go at creating and caring.