Things have a way of happening regardless of our personal BELIEF on the probability of the outcome. So I was talking to grandma the other day and she said she doesn’t BELIEVE it would rain. Literally 10 minutes later all hell broke loose. It rained in all directions, the trees were bending to their maximum like they were bowing to nature in the tsunami like fashion and the sky closed its paws on our suburbs and turned an ominous deep grey-blue that seemed to be almost alive and esoteric, so deep that you felt if you could touch a cloud it would paint your hand with this darkness so intensely that you’d never be able to wash it off. The point: It didn’t matter if she believed it would rain or not, the rain and the conditions building up for two days couldn’t care less about what she believed, they were just facts of nature unfolding in its full strength and fury. Even after it had passed she (still) couldn’t BELIEVE it’d happened.

What a strange web we weave with our beliefs in everyday life. We conjure up worlds and situations that have nothing to do with the factual reality and we are, to an extent, pardoned for this just by being human and therefore receiving a gift of imagination that allows us to create parallel personal and subjective realities in our minds. How many things that our mind chatter chats about during the day aren’t even real, but a belief we chose to treat as real. We don’t believe (pun intended) it is possible to believe in nothing because you would be paralyzed by chaos. We need to believe that our beliefs are true. But are they? Are they really? We can destroy relationships based on our belief that has no ground in objective reality, we ca go down dark paths of self-harm and depression, we could destroy ourselves and the things we love solely on the grounds of what we believe to be true. Those with phobias are at least aware that their fears are irrational and are working on putting them under control by exposure therapy or some other means, but without a diagnosis of such sort we are left to our own devices where BELIEF runs rampant.

Not everything we believe about ourselves, others or the world is true. A large chunk of it probably isn’t or isn’t true all the time but we need a bit of structure still. So weigh every single thing you believe, put it to the test and try as hard as you can to punch holes in its logic. if it continues to stand, it’s worth keeping. Yet, don’t forget that even those “facts” are transient. Everything is. Keep an opened mind, don’t judge the real you see, just keep your eyes, mind and heart opened enough to be able to see, understand and accept, to work with reality and not against it. Resistance will only harm you. The reality doesn’t care what you believe; it will unfold anyway, with or without you.