…Where we bring you the list of foods that regulate the body’s angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels). For an intro to this list we’d like to refer you the previous post from Jul 30th 2019 to fully comprehend how cancers can be starved by what you choose to eat. Plant power for the win!!! Here’s the list of Mother Nature’s cures that Dr. William Li and his team compounded and it keeps growing:

Green Tea (the greatest among teas)* Chamomile* Green tea* Black tea* Strawberries* Blackberries* Raspberries* Blueberries* Oranges* Lemons* Apples* Pineapple* Cherries* Red grapes* Red Wine* Bok Choy* Kale* Ginseng* Soy Beans* Maitake Mushrooms* Licorice* Turmeric* Nutmeg* Artichokes* Lavender* Pumpkin* Sea Cucumber* Tuna* Parsley* Garlic* Tomato* Olive Oil* Grape seeds* Dark Chocolate (yes really)* Apricots* Mango* Peaches* Kiwi* Pomegranate* Grapefruit* Plums* Grapes* Arugula* Swish chars* Asparagus* Celery* Purple potatoes* Spinach* Collard Greens* Cauliflower* Onions* White button mushrooms* Read leaf lettuce* Cabbage* Broccoli* Green beans*Shitake Mushrooms* Radicchio* Broccoli rabe* Mustard greens* Carrots* Turnips* Basil* Oregano* Rosemary* Thyme* Marjoram* Peppermint* Sage* Salmon *Chicken (dark meat)…

There are many more foods in meat and dairy, more beverages and baked goods, dried spices s well as an array of nuts and seeds you can use. You can go to drwilliamli.com and download your own shopping list to guide you through the stores next time you go and get groceries. Start using this yourself, share with a loved one that is battling cancer or has survived. Eat to thrive! Eat to live, and live well!

*** Please note if you or someone you’re sharing this with has an autoimmune condition go easy on the dairy, very sweet fruits, grains and the nightshades family of plants, such as tomatoes or potatoes. Health can taste just as good as it feels. Bon appetite!