It is bullshit:

– To have to constantly beg and plea for something that is common sense
– To not be heard or acknowledged, to be ignored, to be humiliated by having to repeat yourself over and over and over again
– To be made to feel small by what somebody else thinks of you
– To believe that what they think of you is true
– To be told who you should be, who and what you should love and appreciate
– To have your kindness and patience mistaken for weakness and used
– To hold onto people ideas things and situations that o longer make you feel content
– To allow to be defeated by outside circumstance when you know you want to create something beautiful
– To feel like you are not beautiful or worthy
– To give so much of your time to others that you forget to take care of yourself
– To stay the same out of fear I’ve not fitting in and to be shunned for not fitting in
– To be told you think/feel too much
– To be so busy to not have time for gratitude and rituals of transition


It is not bullshit to:

– Love and be loved
– To know what you want and go after it, to know what you don’t want and let it go
– To do it alone if nobody wants to help
– To be selfish with your time and energy if you are in any sort of recovery and need space for yourself
– To have honest and true friendships and relationships that feed you make you enjoy life more
– To have the freedom to change in you see fit
– To be geeky, weird and enthusiastic about something
– To say no and mean it if you need to retreat from socializing for a bit, to spend periods of time with art, animals or children more than grownups
– To just sit and be, do nothing in silence and stare into the water
– To take a break
– To be yourself and live your truth, your herd will find you, or you’ll find them
– Be grateful even if things are not perfect, especially then
– To give because you feel you want to
– To set boundaries what is and is not ok to be tolerated
– To do your own thing with no dissrespect to others