No, we’re not into murderous speciecid for the sake of fluffy fur on your back. We’re in the domain of metaphor now, in its house and on its doorstep, and it concerns you and you alone – the way you think, rationalize, gather data and act on it, the way you decide to conduct your own mental landscape.


You are already familiar with Gandhi’s declaration that he’ll not let anyone walk through his mind with their dirty feet, and our meditation  travels along those lines today. It’s a garden in there behind your eyes. It’s a jungle, it’s a beautiful biome of thought, emotion, knowledge and chemistry upon which it lies, the seat of all you are. You’re the quality of these few pounds of flesh you cultivate throughout your lifetime. Our mind is constantly under attack by vile filthy things that are of no use to it, by distractions and cheap thrills pumping unearned serotonin through it. It is beaten and bruised by bad news, intrusive tricks of marketing, people and situations that deplete its homeostasis, it is blackmailed and high jacked by rage, envy, anxiety, fear and stress, by false information, fake news and gossip. You need good quality verified information if you have any chance of orienting yourself properly within this reality and it can be done. It takes more work than turning on the TV or scrolling through mainstream media, but the information is there, information that has legitimate work and research behind it showing you the world and its mechanisms as objectively as possible. Some things are unexplainable, they are experiential and that is OK. You may hear a million love songs, before you meet someone who makes you understand them. Here information is void without the emotion to skeleton key the way to understanding.


But you can and must clean up your mental space to live a happy and meaningful existence and not get so easily distracted by each passing fad. You need to make the mind strong, clean, resilient and protect your sanity and grip on reality and truth as hard as you can. There is a choice, there’s always a choice, some things are just harder than others. You can choose the first cheap synthetic thing out there to clothe your mind into or invest in something soft, malleable, of high quality and pristine that’ll last a lifetime – the mental equivalent of mink. You are the quality of your mind and soul. Take care of both and don’t let the filthy parasitic nonsense penetrate either of those. Set barriers in place and be clear on what is not acceptable, turn off the news that has been preceded for you and go straight to the source if the subject interests you, don’t read magazines telling you all the ways you’re not enough and which merch can make you almost enough, don’t let your energy be burdened and sucked out willingly by giving your mental space to things that only make you feel drained. Choose the high quality information and knowledge and use it as building blocks to construct your thinking, and therefore your world. Keep the gates guarded, always.