Dear Looxa friends! We’re setting sail and shutting down all gadgets for a few weeks of R&R… well we’re too old for rock & roll (no we’re not), so it must be rest & relaxation. We’re almost sitting upon our over packed suitcases and rethinking minimalism, as it gets hard to concentrate on anything but the promise of sun, smells and sounds of life moving slower, of the sunny shores, sunsets, sunrises and long talks about nothing and everything wandering along the Adriatic coast. We’ll be back onto the digital highways in the last week of August for a pre-fall meditation on slowing down. Until then allow us to quote (more or less) our last year’s vacation time post – because we really really like and because it is forever true, and true things have earned their right to be repeated.


Take things gently, allow them to come and find something wonderful in each day, there is a time to work and a time to rest, to burn the hours through working on a dream and take the soft spaces of silent reflection and recuperation. This time don’t go on a vacation with itineraries and predetermined expectations of how it is supposed to be and what you are supposed to feel. You might be disoriented a few day until you decompress or jump straight into chill mode, you might find yourself unchanged or changed completely by the surroundings, a million things might happen or nothing at all, and both can bring equal peace…This time when you go away allow yourself to completely dissolve into where you’re at and who your with. Breathe and let go of all your rigidity that is sometimes necessary to hold your daily life together. Feel the persons, situations and scenery as a party of you without needing or wanting anything from them outside their sole existence as they are. Become fluid, malleable, in tune with all around you and this time don’t just take a picture of the sunset, don’t snap selfies of moments – just be there, let life take you and overwhelm you. Let your inner guide take you where it wants to. Let go of the ideas of who you are supposed to be, what is proper, what is acceptable and just take two measuring sticks – that of things being true and kind. That’s all.


The root of vacation is “empty space or position” so let yourself become empty of all the old stuff and make room for new and fresh stories. Happy summer and we’ll be back soon! We <3 you all!