There are so many levels to each human, like an endless picture within picture, within picture and it takes a lifetime to (try) and find the last frame and truly be able to say we know another. We are in the constantly moving constellation of self and we all have some primary mission set up, which we might not even be fully aware of but it shines forth to those who watch (there are watchers as a category, people who’ve devoted their time sitting at the feet of civilization and watching its progress, somehow feeling connected and disconnected from all that’s happening). Your core mission and the corner stone of your psyche and personality might be fairly obvious or hidden just as it can be good for you and your community or auto destructive, such as pure hedonism and inability (and unwillingness) to postpone gratification might be.

There are infinite trait combinations that could occur in a person but today we honor the seekers. They may seem restless to others but are actually calm on the inside, with their eternal quest giving them a purpose and aligning all they do. They might eventually become restless through life because they burned the candle on both ends and now, with a spent charred wick, are left empty and disappointed for not having found that thing they were looking for (even if they weren’t quite sure what it was). It was more of a feeling of pending completion, the thrill of the chase and finding clues that direct you in this circumambulation of the truth… or the closest thing you can get to it. You can recognize seekers as soon as you meet them. There is something in the eyes and body posture. They blink more rarely than most (as to not miss anything) and seem always alert. They might seem a bit disjointed, eccentric, jumping from subject to subject but it all makes sense, although you might not be aware of the internal association that lead to a particular jump. To them the conversation you’re leading is not just this conversation, it’s a fractal thing, a singular reflecting the structure of the whole, as they move on with the supposition that everything is connected to everything else if they just find the crucial piece of information which acts as a skeleton key. They win by untangling the meaning of things, and when a seeker wins, we all win. They are some of the most unselfish people you’ll ever meet, and they live to share what they’ve learned. The only thing they’re selfish about is their private time and freedom of thought, and they can cut you down sharply as a scalpel if you impose on any of these two. They love so deeply and, although they do have people they are close to and keep in their first circle, their love is more humanity oriented. They truly do love the concept of being human, a blimp of consciousness trying to figure itself out.

They are in real life what the player of seeker in the Harry Potter quidditch game is. There are two games going on in quidditch at the same time. Most of the team is focused on winning the regular game, while the seekers do something else. They are going all in at the expense of not really participating in the regular game, because they have a more important thing to do – catch the snitch, that shiny elusive winged sphere buzzing around. And if the seeker wins by catching it the whole team wins. The interesting thing is that J.K: Rolling modeled the stich based on an alchemical symbol called the “winged chaos” or “round chaos” which is a container for all matter and spirit and it is yours to find and catch to be able to utilize the spirit and mater of this world. So why is the stich shiny? Because it is designed to attract your attention. You cannot pay attention to all things going on around you all of the time without going out of your mind from the overflow of information, of which most of it useless for any practical purpose. So Jung proposed that things attract our attention to serve as guides. It’s a circling to the core of who you really are (not the ego, ego is what we think we are) but who we really are when we think no one is watching. Pay attention to things that matter to you and honor the seekers in your life. When true seekers find they always share the knowledge and the whole community is better for it. When the seeker wins everybody wins.