Imagine if there were no fear of the things that really cannot hurt you, can only hurt you temporarily to an acceptable level, or the hurt is dependent on your personal strength. Fear is a necessity designed to keep us alive but the contemporary world is, for a large chunk of population, the safest place for humanity it has ever been so far. It is so detached from the dangers of everyday life most of our ancestors endured that it might as well be in another realm. Yet, our brains are still stuck in the savanna survival mode and – having to cope with new situations of modern time – fear, fight, flight, freeze and stress response are appropriated to things that are not life threatening most of the time and a job interview can give you the same panic attack as hiding in the bushes from a sharp clawed predator would millennia ago. So what if you decided to disregard fear and realized you will not die if it is a failure? What could you do then?

– Maybe you could say the long overdue words hanging in limbo like – I love(d) you; I’m sorry; I miss you; I need help; No; Yes…

– You could get out of comfort and passivity and out into the word, actually working on that thing that’s been calling to you to be created for years, those books, businesses, communities, paintings, music, relationships you wanted to have

– You could love from the core of you, not being afraid of standing there vulnerable and bare. Love doesn’t hurt. It’s similes and our own expectations do.

– You could stand up for yourself and what is important, for the truth and those who are unable to have their own voice, you can bring light to dark situations

– You could disregard judgmental opinions and dispense with the need to apologize for doing exactly what you felt was right. You’d be able to not dim your light out of fear of repercussions and shaming

– Your kindness would not be confused for weakness to be exploited, your courage would not be confused with aggression, the truth would not be confused with vulgarity, and self-care would not be confused with selfishness

– You could break the unhealthy patterns because, if there is no fear, the change is welcomed and not avoided

Work hard, be fearless and be willing to take some discomfort. Everything you’re looking for is there, across that line. There’s a reason Lao Tzu said being loved gives you strength and loving gives you courage. These two are the same thing. Do things in spite of fear. Fear will not kill you. Life inevitably will. The passage of time reaches even the deepest comfort zones and there is no shield from the clock. There are none of us that don’t feel fear. The trick is not to try and stop it but to become more courageous – the word itself means “of the heart”.