Long before Bruce Willis, in his dirty undershirt (we call it siledžijka in the Balkans) was shooting everything in sight, while protecting his white duct tape dress wrapped orange haired protégée in a futurist semi dystopia, the elements were compounds with their own logic. Harking way back to the druids, medicine man, alchemists, philosophers, esoterics and mystics, they explained the traits of things we didn’t yet understand haven’t had the equipment to analyze or explain any other way than through thought experiment. We attributed magical thinking to what we saw as the prime building blocks of all matter and spirit and whose interactions and oppositions set (and kept) the universe in motion. In the earlies known philosophical though our world was suspended on water and the heavens were a ball of fire surrounding the earth with pockets of air.

The elements are such a deep archetypical imprint that we cannot help feeing their magic today and the yearning to reconnect with the pureness. If things are not as they are but thinking makes them so, by this token the magic is real if you believe it is.  What we are could be explained from infinite corners, none complete and most of them not false. So the elements are as good a way to explain the balance of our dichotomies as various other ways.

We are WATER because you can flow, clean and adapt. Because we can be fierce and destroy in a crash or trickle and achieve the same by persistence, because we cry, sweat and carry our genome through liquids to continue our species. We are water because we cannot be anything else.

We are EARTH, made from the same elements. We take from the earth to break down its gifts and build them into our own body. Each month most of our body is built from scratch from the Earth’s elements we ingested. We are earth because we can make things grow, be grounded, still and supportive. We can give life and sustain it. We can stand our ground when the winds, floods and fires come for us.

We are FIRE because heat allows life to be. We soak up the fiery goodness of our personal star and rely on its fire to go on. We emit heat ourselves and produce our own magnetic fields as a byproduct of combustion, heat and personal electricity. We can be ignited on every level of our being by love, idea or a goal. We can bur (out) with passion or effort, or scourge with anger and malice. We can be a warm crackling camp fire or a forest fire scoring all on our way.

We are AIR because breath is life and because what gets inhaled need to be exhaled to keep alive. Because our hearts can be lighter than a feather and our presence can be a welcome breeze to those consumed by heat or, if left unmanaged and unquestioned, emotions can be a devastating destructive hurricanes.

We’re all of it, some days more one thing than the other, but all of it still.