No matter what it seems like when you flip through the news reel sensationalistic highlights, attracting attention by their grimness and hopeless to keep you docile, afraid and glued to the screen, humanity is doing its best with what it has within the systems we’ve created to lift everyone up. It may not seem that way because the news sells drama, but far from this charade of half-truths there are millions upon millions of good people living ordinary lives and doing their very best to fight for progress in every conceivable way, investing time and energy spanning from that trainee with your local grocer who actually puts in the effort to bring the best organic things onto your table to the lab technicians sleeping at their desks waiting for the specimen to show if the medicine had worked or the people stepping into unimaginable chaos and fighting insurmountable odds to make communities better. There are a lot of good people out there and they’ve accomplished so much that never makes it into the spotlight. So here are some positive facts on humanity for you today:

– The World Health Organization created a cheap vaccine that stops cholera

– Cancer deaths have dropped by 25% and breast cancer deaths by 39%, AIDS deaths have dropped by half since 2005, leprosy has dropped by 97% and is to be eradicated by the end of 2020.

– Chile set aside 11 million acres of land as protected national parks in Patagonia

– Pakistan planted a billion (a billion!) trees in a two year time span

– Congo Basin and Brazil are in the largest tropical reforestation process aver 73 million trees over 12 million hectares

– The ozone hole shrunk to the smallest gap since 1988

– 1.2 billion people around the world have gained access to electricity in the last 18 years

– The number of people in China living below the poverty line decreased from 99 million to 43.4 million

– The cost of solar and wind powered energy is steadily dropping and carbon emissions fell below 1894 levels

– In Saudi Arabia women no longer need to get permission to travel or study and have the right to drive now

– Violent and property crimes have dropped by 50%

– In 2017 snow leopard population increased to more than 10 000 and are no longer endangered (they were sine 1972)

So no, the world is not in ruins, it’s not all coming undone by the seams, we’re not an abomination destroying the planet and we’re actually learning from our mistakes and righting the wrongs we did. We’re not depleting the resources until we sign our own death sentence, we’re not the gluttonous self-serving bunch blind to consequence. We’ve become wiser and now have the means to fix things at an amazing pace, to rectify what has gone terribly wrong or unfair in culture, to help those who are unable to help themselves and get out of the way of self-regenerating systems. There is far more good going on out there than you’ll ever hear about in mainstream media. The larger the system the slower the change, but inertia can be broken by effort. Do something good this weekend that will help locally. Success is a cumulative thing and we all have a part to play.