Things get broken and damaged, so do hearts, minds, relationships, situations, circumstance… everything is fallible, including ourselves, and hurling towards entropy is the law of the universe. Yet so is its opposite of creating order out of chaos, regrouping, reassembling, evolving and developing towards greater complexity through the breakage and violent collisions.

Breakage is necessary, feeling it all and exploring every part of the spectrum of humanness, mortality, loss is unavoidable. If you want to become full, hearts sometimes need to be broken open and there is no way of comprehending the utmost respect, joy, compassion or love without comprehending it’s opposites and breaking yourself into something more. You can’t feel only the positive things. It all comes through the same channels and blocking some of it blocks all of it.

Things will happen in life that come as teachers, masked as difficulty, pain, panic, hopelessness, hardship, searching, yearning, emptiness, fear, anger and the void. You let them come at you with all they’ve got. You’re here because you need to be. The lesson keeps repeating itself in various forms because you still haven’t felt and learned it deep enough to reverberate through your whole being and change the final outcome. Different genes will switch on and off depending on what we’re exposed to and there is so much of you that is dormant and can only be unlocked by facing thing. Everything that’s happening has come to pass, although it may sometimes feel like the bad times are here to stay forever. They’re not. It will pass and something else will come in its place. The space created by this emptiness is unshrinkable and when the pain subsides this space will be filled with other things you would have had no capacity for if the space wasn’t crated first by the force of some other experience first. It’s all a learning curve, even when it is hard, especially when it is hard.

Things get damaged and broken, and things get fixed as well. No matter what place you’re in right now, it will pass and something else will take its place. Your job is not to just wait it out but to endure and learn. It’s not yours to know how the clearing and soft seasons will come again. If there are no white flags waving they will come, eventually. Yours is to choose to not get closed and walled in by the experiences but to consciously decide that this will be an opening experience, not to focus onto yourself but to radiate outwards and use the experience to help someone else. The softness will come in a way you could have never expected. Hold on. It will come.