We might sit in our high chair, surveying the surroundings and the outskirts of our world and it’s so easy to judge and stick labels onto people. It’s so easy to start despising weakness in others, while congratulating ourselves on how moral or “right” we’re living, but this is a wrong way to go about it. We are all different, we have different abilities, strengths and failings but is hard to have compassion for what manifest itself as malice in others sometimes. But this malice mutates as soon as you examine it closer and. It can no longer hide and shows its true form, it shows you where it’s coming from be it fear, anger, spite, disillusion, hopelessness, entitlement… Don’t be so quick to judge. We’re all on a slippery slope and it is a daily labor and a work of a lifetime to recognize the pitfalls that can drag you down. We’re all a few bad days; a few traps of reality, bad decisions and turns of luck from looking spite, rage and fear in their bloodshot eyeballs.

But this slip downhill can be avoided and you already intuitively know how – by standing in our own truth, fully and the best we can manage, even when it is not convenient or easy. Don’t budge when you’re asked some absurd things, those that don’t sit well with your character, those you consider offensive to the dignity of existence, a waste of time or a one way ticket to selling a fragment of your soul. This is where angry bitter and resentful begins – with snuffing out the voice inside telling you you’re doing something wrong while you continue on doing it and justifying it by some strange lame reason only because you don’t want to deal with it now. The more you give way to the tide of things that harm your personal congruency the more resentfulness sets in. It is actually your feeling aimed towards you, despising your own weakness that you didn’t hold your ground, but it turns on you, pulls a Houdini and hides in being spiteful and vengeful towards the world. If we just listen for a moment this becomes clear. So don’t judge. Somewhere along the lines these people were you and somewhere along the line you might be them as well, slipped into the darkness by denying their/our own truth, not speaking up against what is just plain wrong, going along with someone else’s idea of life instead of creating their/our own, of staying silent when they/we shouldn’t have, and not setting boundaries when they should have been set.

This is all reversible and you can help. Once the truth is found again it reverses the trauma and a sort of healing and realigning begins. The course they lost sight of is visible once again and, even if it is a low resolution image pointing only into a general direction of something true, it is still better than nothing. Truth is the antidote and each time you deny, hide or renounce you own you’re getting weaker and at the end of this road spite is pretty much inevitable. Tell the truth (kindly), set your boundaries (respectfully), work on something (diligently) and you’ll be fine.