As we are Ashtangis in our core, Looxa was built upon workbooks made for the first two series of Ashtanga practice (Ashtanga Primay & Ashtanga Intermediate Workbook)

…but we needed to do more, because our yogis needed more and therefore the Yin Yoga Workbook came to be, designed for all those looking for a calmer, more meditative approach to yoga and wellbeing. We knew that some of our yogis are into doing it slow and wanted to accommodate their needs to cultivate more awareness and inner silence but, since Yin is not our primary yoga style, we partnered up with a great friend and an extraordinary yin teacher, the absolutely deviously wonderful warm human being and a kick ass trombonist Andrija Bosanac-Schroetter, as well as Yin Yoga Croatia and ZYC – Zagreb Yoga Centar, to create something beautiful and well-rounded for a yin yogi.

The Yin Yoga Workbook sold its first batch in a flash and a new redesigned version came about with improvements such as added asanas, which now stand at 50, thread binding to get rid of the glue and go even more gentle to our planet, a more legible font and an added intro into the style co-created and approved by Andrija himself. As all of its predecessors, the logic behind this innovation was the same – to allow more time to be focused on the process of learning itself and give you a chance to note down your progress and note the aspects of Yin yoga practice which may require special attention. The workbooks are printed strictly on non-bleached recycled paper, are in A5 format with soft covers and left pages contain the hand sketched asanas while the right ones are left for your notes and are equally suitable whether you are a teacher or a student, working in a group or alone, using it during teacher trainings, workshops or self-study.

It is good for the soul to step outside of the hastiness of the world now and then and just hold your ground calm and breathing. We were all beginners at something and every master started out from the same place of beginnings, but now you have a tool to help you with the process. Happy practice, do your best and don’t stop trying. Success is a few simple disciplines repeated daily. Start today!

You can find more information and photos on Yin Yoga Workbook here.