It would be entirely sound advice and an intelligent course of action to avoid risk, predicated on protecting something of value, logically concluding that the value is greater than the potential gain of a risk. So you stay safe and comfy But safe and comfy is unsustainable for a longer period of time because even if you stay the same the situation around you won’t, and some risk will be necessary, although it doesn’t need to be stupid.

After all, you were not built for safety but for exploration and growth and it is risky business to become a better version of yourself. We do love us a bit of risk and adventure by our human nature. The brain was built to remember the negative better than the good exactly to make us masters at risk taking by the measure of the amount of previous experience accumulated. This is why mistakes (if not fatal) are not mistakes at all but classrooms of life. You may be more or less inclined towards risk taking by your character – where the trait of orderliness, neatness and system searching may be more or less pronounced in the melody of you , but you know that stale things tend to make people act out like caged animals. Some amount of (intelligent) risk is healthy for you, on all levels. This is also the explanation why mammals have an inbuilt play circuit within them –  we play life before we live it. We’re exposed to risks with low stakes so that we could face the real ones when they present themselves. It’s an integral part of our software because each growth is equally a risk pushing you into the unknown, the uncharted territory where the margin of mistakes is far higher because you have no previous experience of how you’ll deal with this, but you will learn.

Fear is a completely appropriate response in risk, as is its other pole – excitement – which is, physiologically pretty much the same profile of bodily reactions. Weigh these two things when considering undertaking a new risk. If there is just fear – there is something wrong with you (maybe you’ve become too comfortable and docile) or there is something wrong with the risk (it may in fact be so dangerous that it kills you or destroys something which you’re not ready to sacrifice). In this case revise, talk to other people and take (intelligent) advice (not the one that’s driven by fear). if there is excitement involved as well as fear, if the potential future after the risk seems more appealing to you than the one before it – take it. Excitement means it is wort to try. Even if you get all bruised and beaten down, so what? You can get up and try again. There is only one true risky thing in life and that is never taking any risks at all, playing it so safe that you might as well have sat through your entire existence cooped up in some corner, safely encumbered in bubble wrap and watching others live.

Take some risks but get smart about it. Take control over the circumstances that are under your control and face the unknowns confident that you’ve handled everything by now and that you’ll figure this out as well. Have some band aids ready for the scrapes and jump in. Most of the gorgeous things you want are in the places you’ve never looked for them – that’s why the knights of the round table started their search for the Holy Grail each one entering the forest at the point that seemed the darkest (to him). This is where valuable things are and their acquisition will almost certainly contain some risks. Pick your battles and don’t give up.