Well, the dictionary would define miracle as “an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency” but it goes far beyond that.

You can take the divine out of the equation or leave it in if its serves any ontological purpose for you in the making of the miracle, but the truth is that any event so unlikely that it seems it can only be explained by magical thinking, at the core has its purpose aka the positive consequence of this unlikely event. So many things we take for granted now were unlikely to the point of disbelief but through the combination of passage f time, errors, course correction, effort, (self)regulation and chance things worked out in a seemingly miraculous ways.

What were the chances for to you have ever been born and get, exactly as you are, right where you are in this moment of history that offers the greatest benefits it has ever offered mankind at all? Basically zero, with a few tiny numbers long long after the decimal point. What are the chances that a species evolved from animal predecessors with no control over their impulses and aggression, can now sit quietly and attentively within classrooms, gaining accumulated knowledge of the eras, that the lights are on, that the building you’re sitting in had been erected by complex machinery, where you were once using rudimentary tools to gather ants by pushing sticks into anthills. We freaking broke the liaison to gravity and broke out of the planet’s pull to go to the Moon, our machines are kissing the edges of a solar system and we haven’t self-destructed yet. The keys to detonate weapons of mass destruction were in once, we were 10 seconds and one stupid decision away from complete annihilation. But it didn’t happen, and we’re able to be (relatively) civil to one another (most of the time) and interact, create surpluses, do business and share lives and resources.

Imagine how many stupid things you’ve done in your life up to now as an individual and now multiply it by all of the people that had ever lived. It’s a bloody miracle we have things that work relatively well and reliably and that we’re still here. Who would have thought? Watching from the stratosphere as an unbiased observer through history you would have never bet on the species to even survive, far less to thrive and even manage to make some things better. So yes, for all intents and purposes, your life, surroundings, the people and all we’ve accomplished by now, without doing so much harm it kills us all, is a miracle. Say thank you for life and all in it – the good and the bad, and work tirelessly to continue the mission of raising everyone up, together.