We forgive not because some things were all right or are all right now, because we’ve forgotten, the situation has been rendered meaningless or is expunged from reality. It’s still there – watching, waiting, stalking you. We forgive not as an act of weakness but strength – to be free from its grip, to dismantle, disperse and heal the damage not forgiving, resentment, passive aggressive behavior or hate did to our insides. So on this Friday find a few minutes alone from the world and forgive what you need to.

  • Forgive the people who just don’t understand and never will no matter how hard you try to explain yourself. They usually are not doing it on purpose and they have no bad intention. None are obligated to understand you.
  • Forgive yourself for the things you did wrong, ignored, forgot, didn’t do as well as you believe you were supposed to, things you missed, failed at or did ungraciously, for losing your temper, or staying too cool when you shouldn’t have. It’s ok, you’ll try again next week and do it better
  • Forgive the guilt you feel when you’re not mad productive, for the times you needed rest but forced yourself to go on, for the times you had something else to do but were lazy and rested instead, for wasting time and for not “wasting time” enough just being in silence and stillness
  • Forgive the unkindness, cruelty and the lack of tact you encountered. Don’t take it personally, it wasn’t and you were just a bystander who got caught in someone else’s cross fire. Forgive yourself for taking it personally and being insulted or derailed by it in any way.
  • Forgive doubting your own kindness, openness and love when it was rejected. You did nothing wrong.
  • Forgive the world for not fully abiding to your plan all the time and yourself for the arrogance of presuming you know enough to demand a certain outcome of it
  • Forgive all of the bad things you did in the past and all that had been done to you. It’s over and gone now. It has no more power over you.

Really think about what’s weighing on your person and add as many forgiveness as you need to. Then let it all go. Release it into the ether and be freed. When you feel it fully, say thank you. There is such power in forgiveness and gratitude we so often ignore while life rolls on and layers pile up on top of us. Elegance is in releasing the unnecessary and leaving the form clean and strong. Release and just be. That will be more than enough today.