…So you wouldn’t have to die a lot later. “Die” is a notion describing the ultimate extinction of a life and not subject to gradations but one can die in so many ways before the big one extinguishing the physical body truly comes that we take the liberty of metaphor here.

Dying we speak of here is a release, a death of self and aspects of self that no longer serve us and are limiting to accepting life and life force in all things as the manifestations of the same. Willingly dying in this way, allowing some burdens to burn of, relinquishing desires and attachments and accepting that we are never this singular current version of ourselves, but always an entity in transition, is an act of courage. The mind will play tricks on us, making us believe we are the circumstance, one action or reaction, one set of emotions and beliefs that might have been handed down through culture or upbringing or belonging to a singular group. It will link us to one party, world view, dogma or paradigm and make us believe it is all true, designing these as the coordinates of your personality offering fake choices. But there is another set of coordinates – the source, the center, the ground where you are none of those things – the 0,0,0 coordinates from which everything originates as we move up and down the axis of existence and experience.

Be ready to die a little and to let go of the stories your mind is telling you about yourself, the inner chatty critic that is constantly comparing your progress to someone else’s as if the two lives could ever be put into comparison by anything else than the likeness of them both being alive. This mind, so adapt to keeping score and weighing our place within the hierarchy, is an unexamined mind and is not our friend before we die a few deaths to ourselves and the world while relearning all that we’ve just accepted as given. We can choose to respect all life as it is, not judge and force it into categories we’ve constructed so the world would be an easier thing to deal with. Don’t trust everything your mind tells you, it is designed to find confirmations of what it already believes and is biased.

You’re never confined to a single version of you and various people and situations will activate parts of your genetic potential you would have never known were there until a situation occurred asking for a new skill, until a new challenge presented itself. You are not one thing, alone and frozen in time, but are capable of deaths and rebirths and it is in full right that a change of the circumstances can be called a death because leaving some previous lies behind (no matter how useful they might have been in one phase of growth) feels like dying and brings about questions – If I am not that than who am I? It’s a scary place to be – not knowing where you are or who you are in that new “where”… you’ll figure it out. The 0,0,0 part of you is still there amidst all that happens, it is unsaved by outside happenings, it’s a canvas on which evets unfold but the canvas remains undamaged by anything shown on it.

Be ready to die a little. The death of the old is the space of new potential. Let yourself slip in. Fear is just a temporary thing on the canvas as well. It will pass, just as it did every other time before and something else will take its place. You can make a choice what that thing is. Choose love, kindness, grace, unselfishness, non-judgmental openness, learning, observing, being quiet instead of always needing to fill the void. Void is good. Without the distractions you’ll finally be able to see what was there all along while you were looking in some other direction.